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Special YooHoo and Friends at Claire’s August 7, 2009

claires_prodpage All Special YooHoo & Friends are available at Claire’s. Collect all YooHoo & Friends only at $7.50!  Visit any Claire’s store near you or go to www.claires.com for more information.


15 Responses to “Special YooHoo and Friends at Claire’s”

  1. tobii Says:

    theyre not all 7.50 most are 5.50 now only new 1’s r 7.50 like the seal

  2. emily Says:

    hi i love yoohoo”s i have 15 of them and there sooooo cute

  3. princess Says:

    i love yoohoos they are super cute and cudley

  4. Jitsuko Says:

    I love yoohoo Friends! It’s So Cute!I have some Yoohoo friends at my home! My brother and my sister too! I have a grey lemur, and a pink lemur … A yellow bee!And , me, I name “Yoohoo friends” … er … ” zabba de Croûte ” ( in french, it’s without signification, because i’m french, sorry, i’m not speak english, really)

  5. tory Says:

    i like them

  6. marissa Says:

    I got a exclusive rainbow lemur bush baby not sure what it says ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. mikolai Says:

    does anyone know how many all together in all the costumes there are to collect

  8. Caitlin;)) Says:

    How much are they? Its my friends bday party today and I need to get her one but I really dont know how much they are. Can anyone help me?

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