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tough to argue with this December 2, 2009

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Found this at doodlespage.com today. It’s a picture of YooHoo from Aurora and the Ty Beanie Boo that looks like YooHoo next to each other.

YooHoo from Aurora is on the Left, Cleo from Ty is on the right.


6 Responses to “tough to argue with this”

  1. anne&kate Says:

    hi,my name is Anne and my sister kate we got Tutu and it is a turtle we love him he is so cute and he has bugsy eyes.i love your website it is great.your animles they look very cute and cool i love the penguin he is the best of all !love anne and kate we are 8 and 6 and we just love your website . bye i got to goto the mall

  2. Luv2CUSmile Says:

    Wow, they do look very similar! Not just colors but also the type of animal looks almost the same! If someone didn’t know the YooHoo’s very well I could see someone mistaking this! Can’t believe it! Ty already had a strong company too wonder what made them copy the designs?

  3. ReolekJef Says:

    True words, some unadulterated words dude. Totally made my day.

  4. Eden Lemur Says:

    So, with the lawsuit, will the Beanie Boo toys never hit stores? I-… almost hope they don’t.

    While I love the YooHoo & Friends line and try to collect them (though, the only ones I can rightly afford are the holiday ones after they go on clearance…. they’re all just too expensive, otherwise), I’ve gotta say…. The Bushbabies in this Ty line are quite a bit cuter than the average YooHoo.
    That being said, if I was faced with one of the Beanie Boo lemurs/bushbabies at an affordable price, I’d probably cave and get them to add to my lemur/prosimian collection, as much as I hate to say it. They just look… so cute and well-made.

    I certainly don’t support the outright thievery that Ty’s trying to get away with- it’s a pretty low blow for a company that people tend to consider so great and reputable…

    What I want to know is…. How could such a blatant copy even get accepted and let out to the public? Seems like things like that should get nipped at the bud!

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      ah yes…but YooHoo & Friends make sounds while Beanie Boos do not…and they are comparable prices.

      We’ll just have to see what the jury says…starting January 18, 2011

  5. Saint_Alexandra Says:

    I saw Ty’s version of Yoohoo in the mall one day, I can not believe Ty got away with that. I personally think Auraura’s Yoohoo is cuter than the “Beanie Boos” by a long shot. To be perfectly honest, since the release of Ty’s fashion girls or whatever, I feel like they’re trying too hard to create the “next beanie baby” in terms of popularity. This kind of thing gets me very heated, and I’ll stick to loving my Yoohoos 🙂

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