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Free YooHoo Giveaway! January 5, 2010

Filed under: General — yoohoofriends @ 10:58 pm

We hope that your new year begins with a win,
so here’s your first chance, so go take a spin!
you’ll find pictures and video clips to enjoy,
and plenty of chances of to get some free toys!
they gave extra credit for reading our blog,
Go give them a look and see how much they rock! 
if that weren’t enough, here’s a new thing to top,
three brand new wallpapers to put on your desktop! 


4 Responses to “Free YooHoo Giveaway!”

  1. hi, my name is hannah and i just love these yoohoo friends they are so cute and cuddly they go on holiday with me and go to school where they can learn the same as me.

  2. Michelle Williams Says:

    I want to win a yahoo friend for my daughters birth day!

  3. jamie murphy Says:

    i love yoohoo and friends

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