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Host A YooHoo & Friends Themed Birthday Party October 28, 2010

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We wanted to share some great photos from Crystal, a fan and blogger who, earlier this month, hosted a YooHoo & Friends themed birthday party for her five year old son. Although there are birthday themed YooHoo & Friends animals, Crystal went on a creative spree and with a little imagination and some design software, made a whole bunch of awesome party supplies…you can too!

Here are Crystal’s treat bags and party hats:

She even made a piñata (named Eddy):

Mmmmm…time for cake!

Crystal says:

The cake was modeled after a party image on the YooHoo & Friends website and the figures were made using marshmallow fondant and some toothpicks for holding on legs and tails.

Excellent work Crystal. We were blown away!

If you host birthday parties with YooHoo & Friends, we’d love to see your creations and pictures. Visit our Facebook page and post them there!

It’s Halloween this weekend…be safe out there!!




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