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Question of the Week! March 2, 2011

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It’s our favorite part of the week… it’s Question of the Week time!! Answer our question to be entered into the weekly random drawing for a YooHoo & Friends animal. For about the past year, you may have seen us doing this on Facebook, but we had to move the contest to the blog for a variety of reasons…but we still love our Facebook page!! So here’s the question…you only have to answer once…good luck!

Q: Have you ever “tagged” your friends or family in a photo on Facebook (or any social network)?

Not going to lie. There’s a reason we are asking this question…we’ve “leaked” this photo onto the Internet and are already seeing people tagging friends and family in the photo! Can you match your friends and family with some of the personalities associated with each YooHoo in the image? Let’s get started..it’s a lot of fun too 🙂




47 Responses to “Question of the Week!”

  1. Marci Says:

    Yes, I have!

  2. Rhiann Says:

    Yeah! Tonnes 😀

  3. Lea G Says:

    Yes, Of course ^o^

  4. Candi A Says:

    Yes, all the time!

  5. Christine Says:

    Yep! Mostly I tag myself though…

  6. Jennifer Says:

    No, not really. Never found a use for the tagging feature before.

  7. Yes! Of course! If someone is in a photo then I will tag them, though I usually do not tag in memes 8)

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      interesting — is there any particular reason why you stay out of Memes? maybe you’ll make an exception for our YooHoo one 🙂

  8. Valerie Says:

    For sure hehe =)

  9. Kayla Says:

    Yes; I tag my friends all the time. 🙂

  10. lexiquin Says:

    No, I haven’t tagged friends or family; I have, however, tried to “tag” a photo in order to enter a giveaway. After some frustration, I’ve been successful (some of the time). Still not quite sure what to do!

  11. Lovisa Says:

    yes many times! 🙂

  12. Emily Says:

    Yes, all the time!

  13. AbigailR Says:

    Yes,of course 🙂

  14. Janessa Says:

    Indeed!!! I’ve tagged a couple of my friends. they seem to love it =D

  15. hope Says:

    duh i do it all the time infact ive done it soo many times facebook reported that i could no longer tag anyone!!! and i cant do it any more

  16. Teresa Says:

    No I haven’t yet but will have to now!!

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Teresa…you are our randomly selected winner for this Question of the Week post! Congrats! Please email full name and address to yoohoowinners[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks!

  17. Suzanne DS Says:

    Yes, all the time 🙂

  18. Shree Devi Says:

    I Tagged My Friends On Each Of Them! Always Wanted To Win A Online Contest! Wish To Get The Owl! I Own The Penguin. I Would Love To Win The Contest!

  19. Shree Devi Says:

    I Tagged My Friends On Each Of Them! Always Wanted To Win A Online Contest!

  20. Shree Devi Says:

    I have already tagged my friends for each of them! They loved it ! And i loved it too! I am a huge fan of YooHoo & Friends ! Hope i win . Never won a online contest before…

  21. Shree Devi Says:

    Hope i get it !!!!!!!!!

  22. jeannine m Says:

    yes I have

  23. Abby S Says:

    I’ve really only tagged myself and family in photos but I always see lots of tagging going on so I’ll have to sharpen my skills 🙂

  24. Sadie Says:

    Yes I have – it works great

  25. Kristine Nelson Says:

    All the time!!!!!!!!

  26. Yes, many times!

    mysticbutterfly37 at yahoo.com

  27. lisa v Says:

    I sure have.

  28. Ashley Serrano Says:

    Yeah, I use it all the time! I tag all my family and friends in my pics!

  29. Pegbrin Says:

    Yes, I have tagged family and friends. I enjoy seeing pictures of people I know.

  30. Hannah A Says:


  31. Danyella Says:

    Yes, I love tagging pics 🙂 Its fun for the other people when they find suddenly a pic on their page which they have totally forgotten or not even know it was taken ;o) LOL Or maybe, you just want to share a great moment or memory – nice!
    Ps. My sis is definitely the dressed flower power hippie yoohoo ;o))) so would tag this one with her!

  32. Alicia Says:

    Yes!! I like tagging my family on my pics because i like to share them.

  33. Alexia Serrano Says:

    I dont tag anyone usualy. They tag themselves. I hope I win! I only have 1 YooHoo and he needs a friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Carlos Says:

    Yes, I tag my friends and family.

  35. Viola Végső Says:

    Yes, of course.

  36. Shree Devi Says:

    When are they going to tell who won

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Shree, we always announce on Facebook (.com/yoohoofanpage) and Twitter (@yoohoofriends), generally around Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. We also will reply to the winner’s blog comment (or Twitter response) directly if they’ve won.

  37. Trish Says:

    Yes tag them all the time on Facebook =)

  38. Kaylie Varnado Says:

    Yes I have. Quite alot Actually !! :))

  39. dido Says:


  40. Cleema Says:

    Yes, of course!

  41. Cleema Says:

    yes of course!!!!

  42. Stephanie Says:

    yep! sure have.

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