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Which YooHoo Are You? March 3, 2011

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If you are reading this, you are the probably one of the first to see this photo! It’s being circulated around the Internet so people can “tag” themselves and friends in the photo on their social networks. This is an opportunity for you to play a little game with friends and family! We want you to tag them in the photo above!

Each YooHoo in the photo represents a personality or characteristic (listed next to each animal). You would simply “tag” a friend or family member to the YooHoo you think best represents that person. Make sense?

To get the photo, just click the one above to enlarge, download/save it to your desktop (or whichever folder you desire) and then upload it to your social network and start tagging!

Still need help tagging friends and family in photos? Here’s more information from Facebook to help you: CLICK HERE




8 Responses to “Which YooHoo Are You?”

  1. hope Says:

    i think im a princess so im pammee

  2. Hedgie not in the picture? =(

  3. nagore Says:

    I am liby, (handsome)

  4. sparkee Says:

    I love travel so I’m Sparkee ❤

  5. i am roodee i am clever

  6. maysoune Says:

    even if i am a girl i love him i am also like chewoo i am cheeky

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