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Question of the Week! March 10, 2011

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Thanks to everyone who entered last week’s Question of the Week contest! As most of you know, answering the question (comment on the blog post, or via Twitter using @yoohoofriends in your tweet), enters you into a weekly drawing to win a YooHoo & Friends plush animal! So let’s get right to it. Even if you’ve already seen it, please watch this “trailer” for the new animated YooHoo & Friends series, and then answer the question (located below the embedded video):

Question of the Week: What’s your reaction when you see the trailer for the new animated television series, YooHoo & Friends?



63 Responses to “Question of the Week!”

  1. Alicia Howell Says:

    Flava flav? ;-; Music is catchy, flava flav kind of ruins it for me, not sure why he is on Nick Jr. but cute commercial!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Looks cute… and strange. haha. My kids will love it for sure.

    When is it coming out? And on what channel?

  3. Candi A Says:

    Awesomness! Go ahead with your bad (meaning good) selves!!! YAY for you!

    I had no idea you were going animated! WOW and my favorite, Father Time, played by Flavor Flav! I love Flavor Flav – what a great voice!


  4. Maria G Says:

    I think that Flavor flav is makes is a good choice for this voice! Never seen the show before, hope to watch it sooon!!! Im olddddddd but still would love to watch it! SO CUTE!

  5. Anne M. Says:

    My gs would sooo love this!

  6. Gena Says:

    Wow! How exciting! Definitely different!

  7. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    Flavor Flav does a great job as Father Time. Catchy music and brilliant animation–Cute!

  8. Kat Stork-Brett Says:

    What a fantastic concept! I love the “save the world from greedy corporate destruction” theme. Agree that Flavor Flav has an awesome voice for Father Time. Wish it were coming to Australia!!

  9. Andrew M Says:

    I think it looks fun. If my sons were old enough (he’s 3 weeks old), I’m sure he’d love it. 🙂

  10. Kim Lachance Says:

    🙂 Very nice. I love anime, I can’t wait for this one to come out. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  11. Christine Says:

    Can’t stand flavor flave, but the rest looks cute!

  12. Shelly Says:

    Honestly, I don’t like it want cartoon characters talk like babies. Not in the sound of their voices but in the dialog for the one character. (sorry being honest)

    When does the series start and what stations are picking it up?

  13. Lovisa Says:

    Exciting! 😛

  14. sara Says:

    you the yoohoos and it looks ok not great but god and cheesey

  15. I think this animation series will be very interesting for the kids and will teach them alot about the environment and how to preserve the wildlife and flora, and protect our planet, which are major issues in today’s society.

  16. Brad "DJ 9-Volt" Paine Jr. Says:

    Totally go for it, i recommend putting on the channel Hub that channel needs more content.

    As for my reaction for flavor flav as father time….. Priceless…. ><

    • Brad "DJ 9-Volt" Paine Jr. Says:

      PS (and this isn’t a bad thing and does not change me opinion) Most people do things the other way round (cartoon then toys) but you guys are pushing the envelope i like it ^^

  17. Kaylie V !! I Says:

    Amazing !! I sooo want to see it !!! :))

  18. Charli Says:

    It looks mad and brilliant at the same time lol When you said about doing a Tv show i never EVER would have imagined that to be the plot! but its looks good, kids will love it and i will probably still watch it even though i am 16!

  19. It was really hard to believe that it wasn’t just a joke. It’s insane and seems randomly thrown together, mixing a lot of people and styles that I don’t think most people would think of. But perhaps that will be what makes it so brilliant and popular 🙂 I did prefer when the YooHoos were just cute animals that didn’t talk, but they have distinguishable personalities now that will help children love the characters.

  20. Viola Végső Says:

    I’m very happy. I’m curious.

  21. Chris Seaver Says:

    It looks very funny. I really like Chewoo. Can’t wait til it’s on!

  22. Teresa Says:

    We were a little freaked out at first but it has grown on us! The YooHoos are adorable!!

  23. Hanna Inoue Says:

    I would say “This is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” 😀

  24. Ashley S Says:

    I think my kids will love it! I like Pamee- She is so adorable!

  25. I think its fantastic!!! A dash of fun filled adventures that will certainly bring the audience for a wondrous journey! Simply magical =D it’s brilliant!!!

  26. Sasha Sparks Says:

    It was sooo amazing.Loved it..

  27. helga Says:

    i love it !!

  28. Sasha Sparks Says:

    It was sooo awesome!!!!!!!!

  29. Shree Devi Says:

    Pretty cool if you asked me ..

  30. YooHooAndFriendsLover Says:

    Loved it ❤

  31. YooHooAndFriendsLover Says:

    Best Video I Have Ever Watched! YooHoo And Friends, Your The Best! Hope To Win This Contest! (Twitter @MissSashaSparks )

  32. Tirzah Walker Says:

    I can’t wait! Will it be playing in the west coast?

  33. dido Says:

    I loved it and i was surprised because i didin’t know the story!!!GOOD JOB 🙂

  34. Rhiann Says:

    Uhhh i dont really get it..
    but cool

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      mean executives that destroy the environment, are reprimanded and turned into cute little critters that save the environment? we can dig. 🙂

  35. Hannah A Says:

    i think it looks cool ! i haven’t watched any yet but is going on youtube soon ! i think it looks good because it takes yoohoo ( and his friends) on a adventure were they help the enviroment !

  36. Trena Cortez Says:

    My kids heard it and started dancing! LOL. Flavor Flav kind of freaks me out, I’m not going to lie but at the same time I was laughing 🙂

  37. LaDonna Eller Says:

    We actually enjoyed it!!! Pretty entertaining!

  38. Danyella Says:

    Just seen it and love it!!! Father Time is a great guys and the YooHoos are just too cute 🙂 My fave was, is and always will be Pammee!
    Well done, its lot of fun!

  39. katarina Says:

    I didn’t think that Yoohoo and his friends would actually be people who destroyed the Earth but it’s a cute idea.I really love the concept on it!

  40. Mariandrea Yepes Says:

    Father time… I just remembered Cow & Chicken cartoon style!
    my reaction? I want to watch the show!!! ♥

  41. cleema75 Says:

    Interesting! Would love to see it on TV here in Belium but don’t think it is on air for now! :-/

  42. Rosamond & Cecily Greblo Says:

    Rosa: It was good. It was so-so. I think it’s not the best but it’s very close. It has a lot of imagination. I think it has a lot of action.
    Cecily: It was great. It’s very close to the best. It has a lot of imagination and action and I like it.

  43. Cornelia Jüngel Says:

    totaly crazy LOL, like it

  44. SUPREME Says:

    I like it a lot! Flav is cool, and I love the colours everywhere, and the animals are really cute!

  45. Alexia Says:

    I cant wait to see it. I hope the YooHoos are in it a lot. I think they are all sooooo cute.

  46. Emilie Says:

    Oh my gosh I laughted so hard when I saw the first character’s face !! He looks soooo funny, and I just love his voice !! And I’ll not speak of mother nature xD I didn’t expect that at all ! But I think it’s the greatest idea ever !!! I love Rodee and Chewoo’s voices =D But my favorite still is Yoohoo =3
    Anyway I just can’t wait to see the show !!!

  47. Emily Says:

    Sorry to say… I LOVE yoohoo and friends but…. The cartoon isn’t appealing to me. I like the look of the yoohoo and friends and the voice of Pamee. But that’s all. I was really excited to hear that there was a cartoon coming out. I thought it would be about the yoohoo and friends going on adventures. Like… Chewoo was going into the forest and he got lost so yoohoo and friends had to go help. I’m sorry. Dont get me wrong, I love yoohoo and friends, the cartoon just doesn’t look the best.

  48. Samantha Says:

    Flavor Flav…hmmm….well, I do love YooHoo. But- this looks odd. Kind of Like Roccos Modern Life meets Ren and Stimpy, meets Cow and Chicken, meets something a little odd and maybe hard to follow for a kid. I don’t know that I’d let my kids watch that. Maybe something cuter would be nicer? More child-friendly? As much as I love the toys- I don’t know about this.

  49. Angela Akinniyi Says:

    I can’t wait to watch the new cartoon. I love Flava Flav, he has a GREAT VOICE!!!!! I am going to be watching it myself, with my old self. lol

  50. Hannah A Says:

    To begin with i thought it was abit weird but then i listened closely and found the song quite catchy and the yoohoo and friends series seems really good and fun for everyone to watch !!!!!!!

  51. Trish Says:

    my son was so happy I laughed at his delight

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