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Question of the Week! March 24, 2011

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We’ve announced last week’s winner on Facebook! So here’s the next question of the week for March 21-27:

Q: Someone suggested we start highlighting a “YooHoo of the Week” on the blog. We agree. Which YooHoo should be our first “YooHoo of the Week?

Good luck everyone! Remember, comment on the post with your answer and you are entered into the weekly drawing. That’s it. Easy!! 🙂

PS: No matter which day the question is posted, you have to answer by the end of the week to be entered.




45 Responses to “Question of the Week!”

  1. Afriel Says:

    Shouldn’t Yoohoo be the first? lol

  2. Jill Rajevich Says:

    I think the first YooHoo of the Week should be the very first YooHoo ever created! The one that started it all!

  3. Jason Childrey Says:

    Hedgie, the newest yoohoo 🙂

  4. Lion Mushabelly Says:

    The barbary lion, of course!!!!!!!!!!!! RAWRRRRRRRRRRR

  5. Macy McDonough Says:

    The classic lemur one!

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Macy!! You are the randomly selected winner for this Question of the Week post. Congrats! In order to claim your prize, please send an email to yoohoowinners[at]gmail[dot]com with your full name and mailing address, and mention Question of the Week 🙂

  6. Carlos Says:


  7. Abby S Says:

    I would say the original YooHoo should be the first one YooHoo of the Week. It’s been a long wonderful journey for YooHoo 🙂

  8. YooHooAndFriendsLover Says:

    I Suggest YooHoo.YooHoo Is The Main Character For YooHoo And Friends

  9. I do agree with everyone here. Yoohoo should be granted the honour for the very first “Yoohoo of the Week!” After all, without Yoohoo, it wouldn’t be called Yoohoo and Friends =))

    ps. I’m so surprised when I first read the question. It was an absolute pleasure to share my ideas on the previous post .Thanks a bunch for taking it under consideration =)) ~ much loves

  10. Cornelia Jüngel Says:

    Pls Pls let it be Ca/Nook
    I love this pink Beaver

  11. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    YooHoo ❤

  12. marlibu Says:

    I definitely think yoohoo should be the first…afterall, firsts should be first :O)

  13. Corliss Chuah Says:

    definitely YooHoo!! 🙂 It would be nice if YooHoo’s dressed in something relating to Earth Hour since this saturday is EH. so…remember to off your lights people!!!

  14. Lovisa Says:


  15. Rhiann Says:

    Shy Shy!!! x

  16. Kim Weber Says:

    Pookee the Meerkat, of course :3

  17. Hannah A Says:

    i think it should be ………………. YOOHOO! he deserves to be the first YOOHOO of the week because he was the first YOOHOO ever made and there would’nt be YOOHOO AND FRIENDS without YOOHOO 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Teresa Says:

    YooHoo of course!!!!

  19. YooHooAndFriendsUltimateFan Says:

    I Think YooHoo Should Be First.No Hard Feelings Friends Of YooHoo 🙂

  20. Rhiann Says:

    Acctually i change my mind!…


    Obv x

  21. Aaron O'R Says:

    Tiki The Platypus : ) ❤

  22. Ivalu Says:

    I think Kookee should be featured first! 😀

  23. Carla m Says:

    Pamee is so cute

  24. Trish Says:

    The original should be the 1st it deserves it

  25. Kat Stork-Brett Says:

    It’s almost unanimous…Yoohoo!

  26. Shira Says:

    Platy the platypus. He’s my favorite!

  27. Christine W Says:

    I agree that YooHoo should be first as YooHoo is the Alpha of the group!

  28. Ashley Serrano Says:

    I am thinking I should say YooHoo. At least 1st- Maybe Hedgie 2nd! ;o)

  29. Winni Paw Says:

    I think it is better to follow which is created first~
    mayber yoohoo was created first,so yoohoo was the first
    and the second one~third one~

  30. nio sweetie Says:

    maybe you should send lil research to facebook, write possibilities and wait what will people choose…

  31. Danyella Says:

    I totally agree with the others – YooHoo should be the first! 😀 … as it was also the first i bought 🙂 And then, my sweet sweet Pamee :)))

  32. andri Says:

    yoohoo 😀

  33. Helga Björt Says:

    the hedgehog 😛

  34. AbyRO Says:

    Yooohoooo :)_

  35. Viola Végső Says:


  36. Diego Says:

    I think Yoohoo should be the first one as well 🙂

  37. Just Saying Some Things Says:

    You know the meerkat brothers? Pookee?

    I found out some things about them.

    In the ORIGINAL cartoon (tree of life), their REAL names are Poppy, Peppy, and I think Pippy is the little one. They are NOT Pookee. (I’m not sure). They actually hate Yoohoo, because he didn’t let them live in YooTopia. They try to steal the bag of green seeds. They have three older brothers, one is a very old one. The other two have light blue eyes.

  38. Emily Says:

    Well, Yoohoo of course!!!!!

  39. Jeannine m Says:

    YooHoo should be first

  40. Lexy Says:

    I am thinking YooHoo should be first. She is the original. Love all the YooHoos though. So cute and adorable!

  41. […] Congratulations to the Question of the Week winner for March 21-27 — Mary McDonough! She was the randomly selected winner from those who answered last week’s Question of the Week! […]

  42. Janet Says:

    I’m thinking that Chewoo should be the first “Yoohoo of the week”. This is because he always is the naughties in this group. 🙂

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