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Question of the Week! March 31, 2011

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Congratulations to the Question of the Week winner for March 21-27 — Mary McDonough! She was the randomly selected winner from those who answered last week’s Question of the Week!

It’s easy to enter, just answer the question by commenting on the blog post or replying on Twitter (don’t forget to use “@yoohoofriends” in your tweet).

Without further ado, here is the Question of the Week for March 28 – April 3. Good luck!

Q: How did you first hear about YooHoo & Friends?



50 Responses to “Question of the Week!”

  1. Sara Phillips Says:

    I heard about you from Ellen (@ThriftyChicMom) … and I am in love!

  2. When I bought my first yoohoo! It was the Pig Yoohoo from the WannaBe’s collection. I checked its tag and thought I’d google “Yoohoo and Friends” to see what other cute stuffed animals there were, and I fell in love <3<3<3 lol.

  3. Lexy Says:

    I first heard about YooHoo when my mom won an animal from a blog. I Love them and think they are so cute.

  4. I’m from Malaysia. I bought Chewoo for the first time few months ago for my girlfriend and we like it very much! For now we have bought few animals and we hope to collect more as there are not much collection can be found in Malaysia! We love Yoohoo & Friends very much!

  5. Maria G Says:

    Found it in a grocery store and though it was cute, then my bf gave it to me as a present for international womens DAy !!
    LOve them wnant MORE!~
    I have only one, the red fox.

  6. Brad "DJ 9-Volt" Paine Jr. Says:

    I 1st came across them at a claire’s store at my local shopping mall. I love em and am currently rebuilding my collection

  7. well, I first heard about YooHoo when my mom gave me one for my birthday! It’s hard to find it in malaysia .So ever since then, I’ve feel in love with yoohoo and I’ve always treasured it =))

  8. Winni Paw Says:

    I was at Singapore Zoo last year.When i walk past the gift shop, i saw yoohoo(the biggest one)and friends,soooo cute with their big eyes,and i was shouting and pointing and begging my mom:”I WANT IT I WANT IT!!” throughout the whole journey in the zoo i was like:”mom,i want the plush!”finally, i bought Loonee and named it Hooty!(Best decision ever!)Later,the same day, my sister bought yoohoo and friends keychains at Singapore birdpark.We saw the tag with the brand and the website.That’s how I know. 😀

    I’m from Malaysia too!yeah,it’s hard to find them,I cant find them in my state(PENANG). 😦

  9. YooHooAndFriendsUltimateFan Says:

    I first knew about YooHoo And Friends is because my father bought me the Penguin!!!!!!!!! I really loved the penguin ….. So my father bought me one !!!!! 🙂

  10. Rhiann Says:

    I Went Into Claires And Bought A Load Of ‘ Cute Animals’ Which I Later Knew Were Yoohoos 😀

  11. Stephanie Says:

    my daughters and I first found out about yahoo and friends when we saw them at the gift shop located in the zoo 🙂

  12. Alicia Howell Says:

    I heard about them on Twitter I think

  13. Rachel Says:

    I first found out when i went into a shop and saw them. Then i realised they were the EXACT thing i was looking for.! They were soooo cute and i just fell in love with them! ❤ I now have 26 xx

  14. nio Says:

    i saw the report on ARIRANG TV, i liked aurora shops a lot, then i was looking for it on the internet and went to see L.A. shop

  15. Corliss Chuah Says:

    when my bf bought my first yoohoo & friends for me ^^ so i decided to check out all the other yoohoo & friends and came across the fb fan page 🙂
    love ’em!!

  16. Lea G Says:

    It’s at the TV in Arirang and in a clip video of the Korean Boysband MBLAQ and after i saw YooHoo’s & friends in French Toys Shop 🙂 So i bought YooHoo ! 😀

  17. Janet Says:

    1st time was shopping at the shopping center and saw yoohoo and friends at one of the give shop. 🙂

  18. Janet Says:


  19. Through a twitter party. 🙂


    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  20. helga Says:

    i first knew about yoohoo when i saw them in the store

  21. Afriel Says:

    I first found one (meercat) at Valley Fair, but it didn’t say Yoohoo on it. Then last year I saw them at the MN Zoo and bought the skunk. That one said yoohoo, so I looked it up, and am now obsessed!

  22. Shannon Naugle Says:

    I first heard about them when I saw their cute little faces in a jewelry store called Icing. 🙂

  23. Teresa Says:

    My daughter was at a store and saw “an adorable stuffed toy with big eyes” . She was hooked and so was I! Having this Facebook page has made it even more fun!! They are all well loved in our home!

  24. AbyRo Says:

    I was buying a present and I buy a yoohoo friend for my friend and I.

  25. Abby S Says:

    I believe I first heard about YooHoo on twitter 🙂

  26. Ruth Daly Says:

    My boyfriend bought me my very first yoohoo for christmas, in fact he got me three, and I fell in love (: and since then if I ever get upset or ill he buys me a new one to cheer me up. I love him and yoohoos so thank you xxx

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Congratulations Ruth! You were randomly selected to win the Question of the Week contest for March 28 – April 3! email yoohoowinners[at]gmail[dot]com and mention Question of the Week too. Thanks!

  27. Ashley S Says:

    I first learned of YooHoos when I won one thru a blog I follow. I gave it to my daughter and she loved it. We are always on the lookout for new YooHoo’s and my son thinks they are cute now!

  28. YooHooAndFriendsLover Says:

    I found it in a store and fell in love with those cute ones !!!!!!!

  29. Sophi Says:

    I first heard about them when I went shopping for a friends birthday present. I fell in love instantly and now I have loads.

  30. Jill Rajevich Says:

    I saw a YooHoo in a store and had to buy it because of its bright big eyes!!!

  31. Jason Childrey Says:

    I have a credit card that earns thankyou points or whatever and they USED to have yoohoos on that page that you can get with your points! i love owls so i got the owl. now im hooked 🙂

  32. Macy McDonough Says:

    I bought one at a store near the beach!

  33. Lion Mushabelly Says:

    for graduating i got a little lemur with a graduation cap on- it was a yoohoo!

  34. Viola Végső Says:

    In toy store.

  35. Sabrina Vögeli Says:

    I was in the City on a Sunday. And then i saw this cute, little Plushies in the Window from a Store. But the Store was closed. So i was gone to the store an another day and bought my first yoohoo, the cute fennecfox! And now my bed is full from yoohoos! I love them and want more yoohoos! But its hard to find yoohoo-plushies in Switzerland ;(

    PS: Sorry for faults, my english is not so good. Im from Switzerland.

    • Danyella Says:

      Hello Sabrina
      You can buy them at the Claires shops or just order many many over Amazon (i did dit over Amazon England). Its easy and you’ve got many to choose 🙂
      Greets, Daniela

  36. Chris Seaver Says:

    From my daughter’s friend Christie!

  37. Pegbrin Says:

    I first bought my daughter one from Claire’s. She loves them and now has over 20.

  38. Christine W. Says:

    I heard about YooHoo and Friends on Facebook and then became quickly addicted.

  39. Danyella Says:

    Hehe, I didn’t hear about them: I found them! 🙂 When I was hanging around on Dubai Airport, waiting for my connection flight, my way brought me into the toys store and there YooHoo was :))) I thought, it was sooooo sweet and cuddly and have bought it for my lil sis as a present… On the way back, again in Dubai, i took one for me too… and during my later trip to London, i bought the Penguin and Pammee for me and my BF. Since then, we’re in love with them all :))) YOOHOO AND FRIENDS FOREVER!

  40. dido Says:

    I bought a little bush baby from Claire’s and then i fall in love with them… ❤ i searched on the internet about them…and that was it !!! 🙂

  41. Carlos Says:

    I first heard about YooHoo from my daughter.

  42. Hannah A Says:

    When i was 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! for my birthday my friend bought me 1 and i loved it ,,,only just before christmas 2010 did i realise that they were called YOOHOO AND FRIENDS and were you could buy them ( claires)after i found out what they were i bought a few and now its April and i have 28 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 24 5″inches and 4 keyrings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Tangelo Says:

    From my friend on facebook who had won one and I wanted one too.

  44. Chantal Says:

    At a cute store close to my house where they sell the cutest things they had YooHoo’s there where and are soooooo cute !!!!!!!!! I love the pink ones but all of them actually lol I was sooooooooooo exited when I saw that they had them because I saw it once online I wanted to buy them all LOL.

  45. Chantal Says:

    At a cute store close to my house where they sell the cutest things they had YooHoo’s there where and are soooooo cute !!!!!!!!! I love the pink ones but all of them actually lol I was sooooooooooo exited when I saw that they had them because I saw it once online I wanted to buy them all LOL.
    Chantal Fradl

  46. eden Says:

    i heard about it from my class at school everyone had one

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