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We <3 Fan Art April 5, 2011

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The photo below was posted to our Facebook page not long ago and we enjoyed it so much we wanted to share with our blog readers. Thanks to Alex Braga who took the time to work on this painting:

Painting by Facebook fan Alex Braga

We asked Alex to tell us more about the inspiration behind her project:

Painting is just a hobby of mine, and I told an old friend I was going to paint a giant picture of YooHoo, so I finally followed through with it! I’m a woman of my word 🙂 Thank you for posting this in your blog! It means a lot to me and my Yoohoo family!

Thank YOU Alex!

We love photos, videos and all sorts of wall posts on our Facebook page. Feel free to share your ideas and creations there and we will try to respond to everyone! Also, we’re collecting pictures of YooHoos “Around the World” as well as YooHoo with pets and also pictures of your YooHoo collections — we will transfer them to our Facebook photo albums for everyone else to see!



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