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Question of the Week! April 7, 2011

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Congratulations to our Question of the Week winner for March 28-April3: Ruth Daly!

Here is the next question for April 4-10. Remember to answer by commenting on this blog post or via Twitter (don’t forget to mention @yoohoofriends in the tweet):

Q: Are your purchases of certain clothes, toys, gifts etc. influenced by celebrities who wear/have those items?



43 Responses to “Question of the Week!”

  1. Sara Phillips Says:

    My choices are not usually influenced.

  2. Katie Says:

    Sometimes !

  3. Alicia Howell Says:

    Not usually, on occasion I might buy a shirt they wore if I like it

  4. Afriel Says:

    Uh, no…

  5. Lovisa Says:

    Yes, sometimes 🙂

  6. Kim Lachance Says:

    No, I buy if I like it 🙂

  7. Kat Stork-Brett Says:

    No. In fact, I might decide not to buy something on that basis.

  8. No, they’re only influenced by me =)

  9. charli Says:

    Nope not at all.

  10. nio Says:

    i used to do so in my teen age, but now, oh man! im 21 xD
    im really happy i have got my own style…. but i dont mind to be childish at all… just i dont copy others ^.^ only if i saw really nice item, i can get it.
    but if i like it! not if i just like the person…
    ……… ^_^

  11. FannyRO Says:

    I buy the clothes that are pretty for me and are confortable and the gifts too so no I not get influenced on it

  12. Pegbrin Says:

    No, I buy what I like!

  13. Chris Says:

    It does not influence me!

  14. Jeannine m Says:

    Ni they are not

  15. Most probably no, generally I think there is no need to dress a certain way to feel like your idol . As long as I am comfortable with what I wear and what I have, I’m happy =)) ~ cheers

  16. Shannon Naugle Says:

    No I generally don’t even notice what the stars are wearing! Either that, or it is usually more than I would want to pay for something. I’m more likely to be influenced by good reviews.

  17. YooHooAndFriendsLover Says:

    Never had a chance …… But I Would Love Too 🙂

  18. YooHooAndFriendsUltimateFan Says:

    No….Never Did

  19. Lea G Says:

    I think that we are all influenced because we wouldn’t know things without never seen on someone. But for me it’s specially the shoes ! Ahah 🙂

  20. Viola Végső Says:


  21. Sophi Carroll Says:

    Not really, I just go with what my mind says it likes 🙂

  22. Rhiann Says:

    Sometimes.. maybe their quirky accesories.

  23. marla Says:

    It really depends on the items and the review of the item and if I like the item. Fashion I would say is the most influenced for me.

  24. dido Says:

    OF course some of them !!!

  25. Shannon Says:

    I am not influenced by celebrity’s for my choices.

  26. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever been influenced by celebrity endorsement or style. hmm…perhaps sub-consciously?

  27. Carole Spring Says:

    No, my choices are not influenced by celebrities. I buy what I like.

  28. jason Says:

    No not really.. If I buy something its cause I like it!

  29. Kim Weber Says:

    Hmm..I think subconsciously.

  30. Lindsey Says:

    Nope, I buy what I love! 🙂 I don’t pay attention to what the celebrities wear/have.

  31. Lion Mushabelly Says:

    Only negatively! Like, if a celebrity I don’t like is behind a product I can never buy that product… lol

  32. Jason Childrey Says:

    Nope! Never.

  33. Jill Rajevich Says:

    Sometimes… if I really really really love the celebrity (which isn’t often)

  34. Macy McDonough Says:

    not really at all!

  35. Christine W Says:

    No, my purchases are not influenced that way. Usually I can’t afford what they are pushing me to buy.

  36. Winni Says:

    goes with the mood~i will follow the celebrities usually on accessories ,mostly in movies like the pirate bandana.

  37. angela m Says:

    not at all , i buy what i like.not what other people like

  38. Karen Butson Says:

    Hmmm Not usually but I’d love that Burberry flared trench coat that Kate Middleton was recently spotted in.

  39. Angela Akinniyi Says:

    No, celebrities don’t influence my decisions on clothings – most of their stuff is too expensive anyways!

  40. Teresa Says:

    No, not really

  41. Emily Says:

    oh noooo!!!

  42. yoohoofriends Says:

    we have a winner — Carole Spring!! Congrats (she’s the first Twitter based winner for Question of the Week) — wondering when that was going to happen! Thanks again for answering everyone. New question soon…

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