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Follow @yoohoofriends on Twitter April 22, 2011

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Twitter is for following your interests. If you are new to Twitter and feel overwhelmed, our advice is to not worry about who is following you but to concentrate on following things and people you like. YooHoo & Friends is on Twitter because it’s another platform for us to engage with our friends and fans and share news with like minded individuals. We also happen to use it as a way to hold quick “mini-contests” and if you aren’t following us on Twitter you might just be missing out! This week, in honor of Earth Day, we held daily contests requiring people to post photos to our Facebook wall — the photo was to include a YooHoo toy and some use of the word “Earth Day.”

We’ve been giving away a lot of mousepads and keychains like these:

Here are some of the submissions we received this week…cute!

So if you aren’t already, you can follow us on Twitter here: @yoohoofriends

Have a great weekend!



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