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Question of the Week! May 12, 2011

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Congratulations to last week’s winner, Angela Akinniyi! Check out the prize she won here.

Here’s the Question of the Week for May 9-15. To enter the contest, just answer (only need to once) by commenting on this post or via Twitter (using @yoohoofriends in your tweet):

Q: Do you have a nickname for YooHoo (or any of the YooHoos)? If so, what is it?


Good luck!


44 Responses to “Question of the Week!”

  1. Kaylie Varnado Says:

    I usually just call them yoohoos or yoohoo pets ! :))

  2. lydia Says:

    my daughters nicjname is summer12

  3. Sabrina Vögeli Says:

    I call them yoohoos because they makes me happy and so it is like juuhuu 😀

  4. Welllll some of my yoohoos have nicknames. For example my 4 hedgies are called Orangina, Fluffy, Grapejuice and Sonic. My Lemmee is called Justin. My Sunny is called BushyBrows. My Kookee is called Pingu. My Loonee is Hooty. My Sparkee is Stunky. My Yoohoo with the Shamrock is called Luckycharm… And more!

  5. Karl Descheneaux Says:

    Yes, my hedgie nickname is Pinky. 🙂

  6. Sadie Says:

    No nick names here.

  7. No nick names at the moment. But I’d love to hear those from others =) perhaps I’ll find a cute name or so ~

  8. dido Says:

    well yeah … my first yoohoo i named is Lilly(is a purple bush baby) and one of the meerkats Nookee 🙂 last but not least Sally the seal =)

  9. helga Says:

    i just call them yoohoos 🙂

  10. YooHooAndFriendsUltimateFan Says:

    I Named My Penguin After Pingu The Penguin … Pingu Is My First YooHoo ….I Bought It With The Money Which My Granny Gave Me To Buy Him !!! 🙂

  11. Cornelia Jüngel Says:

    My Lemur is called “Glupschi” couse of his big eyes O.O

  12. Synthetic Alice Says:

    My Fennec Fox is called LULU LOVE<3, my squirrel is PINK NUTSIE..

  13. Hannah A Says:

    i generlly just call them yoohoos(: but im gonna start coming up with some cool nicknames soon ! when i come up some i’ll tell you their new names (: ❤ !!!!!!

  14. Rhiann Says:


    Me and My Sid Both Have Looneys… Owl & City!! Hehe xx

  15. hope Says:

    i havenick names for al my yoohoo and friends but my favorite is my fennec fox but i call her nature because on the website it said she can hear nature get it! hahahahaha!LoL peacy byebye

  16. Viola Végső Says:

    yes, tiny

  17. angela m Says:

    no nicknames here ,because we don’t have any yet 🙂

  18. Diego Says:

    I call my favourite one Bichito 🙂

  19. Lexy Says:

    I named my YooHoo Tiny. 🙂

  20. Sara Phillips Says:

    No nicknames – we love our Platypus though! 🙂

  21. april yedinak Says:

    My daughter calls them ‘ducky’. Don’t know where it came from.

  22. Chelsea Kopacsi Says:

    Me?.. I got a Sunny for Christmas. I call him Chuchi. I’m not exactly sure if it means anything, but it just seemed to fit him. ^_^ Good luck to everyone in the contest too!

  23. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:


  24. Julie Says:

    No nicknames yet…just got our first YooHoo but my son isn’t yet old enough to give it a nickname. 🙂

  25. Sami Says:

    My pirate YooHoo is nicknamed YarrHarr =D

  26. tammy Says:

    i have a beaver i call it bucky

  27. tamsen Says:

    i have the panda and i call it ying yang 😀

  28. Afriel Says:

    No official nicknames, just many terms of endearment like little baby yoohoos, my little fuzzy ones, etc.

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Afriel — congratulations, you’ve won the question of the week drawing for May 9-15! email yoohoowinners[at]gmail[dot]com with full name/address to claim your prize! (mention QOTW winner May 9-15).

  29. eden Says:

    my lemmee with guitar nickname is rocky my playtupus is called perry and my sparkees nickname is stinky and my lerato s nickname is scripto and my buzze s nickname is buttercup

  30. ARIEL Says:

    umm i call all of my yoohoos my little buddies

  31. ARIEL Says:

    iv never won here befor

  32. Christine Says:

    I have a brown Hedgie who I also call Ferguson or Faajii (after a Hedgehog looking character from another series)

    I have a Tutu that I’ll call Tokoroten

    And I someties call Pammee Min

  33. AbyRo Says:

    Yeah but only for all the yoohoos I called them like that mines have short names like fanny cookie avryl so they don;t have nickname

  34. Emily Says:

    Yes, my hedgies are called Cupcake, Aqua, Violet, Pineapple, April, Waterfall and Grape.

  35. candace flamm Says:

    I think the Vegas Yoohoo should have been called Elvis. As soon as I saw him that’s exactly who I thought of.

  36. Maria G Says:


  37. charli Says:

    My lemur is called Lester 🙂 i also have a keychain of yoohoo that i named Charlie.

  38. Abbie Says:

    We call Dr. Yoohoo, Dr. Pepper; the Rhino is Captain One Horn; Tiki is Tiki Perry; and TuTu is Pokie.

  39. Sophi Carroll Says:

    Yes every single one of mine is named after a fruit (small, the big ones are known as mummys and daddys)

  40. peijin Says:

    Yes, I call Them
    Pig Rabbit
    Forest Wizard

  41. Karen B Says:

    My daughter changes her YooHoo’s names on a daily basis. I think her sugar gilder was “Lily” today.

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