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Question of the Week! May 19, 2011

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Congratulations to last week’s winner Afriel who won THIS prize! Let’s move on to the next question for May 16-22. Answer by commenting on this post or via Twitter (using @yoohoofriends in your tweet) for your chance to win a YooHoo & Friends plush animal!

Q: What have you learned from YooHoo & Friends (or by interacting with YooHoo & Friends on Facebook)?

Good luck!



25 Responses to “Question of the Week!”

  1. Kaylie Varnado Says:

    Where to find yoohoos and other things !! I ❤ YooHoos :))

  2. Valérie ^-^ Says:

    That there are way more animals in danger of extinction than I thought! Which is sad.

  3. Chelsea Kopacsi Says:

    oh god what HAVEN’T I learn’t?.. and keep learning too each timea new critter’s released! I’m always looking to expand my knowlegde of creature in the wilds and thier lifestyles and the Yooho and friends series has been a FANTASTIC was to bone up on my knowledge as well as lear of a few speicies I didn’t even know existed like the golden lion mained tammarin of south america and the fairy penguin. That one is incredibly nev to me. I personally can’t wait to see each new critter now and to learn of them and thier real counterparts in our world! That and Yoohoo’s virtual world is amazingly fun. I find rasing and playing with your own baby wild animal a fun and exciting way to learn about the world around us. I hope the children of the world have the opportunity to be able to utilize this as a fun, exciting new learning experience about the environment. Also, rooting for the Yoohoo TV show for great suceess ^_~

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Chelsea — you were randomly selected to win Question of the Week for May 16-22. Congrats! be sure to email yoohoowinners[at]gmail[dot]com with your full name, mailing address and also mention “QOTW May 16-22” — thanks!!

  4. Andrew M Says:

  5. Sami Says:

    That Bush Babies are not an Australian animal =/ seriously I never knew that!

  6. Christine W Says:

    Not only have I learned about endangered species and about animals that I did not know even existed, but I have learned how such cute, cuddly animals that even make special sounds can even bring a smile to the face of both adults and children. I am having surgery next Tuesday and think that one would really look cute hanging onto the brace for my right shoulder and arm that I will have to wear for six weeks.

  7. dido Says:

    I have learned many things thanks to you…for example the endangered species,the contest made me think and be creative,i searched on the internet about the animals and also i am a big fan and collector with these cuddly cute stuffed toys !!!! LOVE the yoohoo and friends!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. Lucky Sparks Says:

    I Have Learned A Lot About YooHoo And Friends From The Fan Page… I Know Much More About Them

  9. Hannah A Says:

    from yoohoo and friends ive learned what different YOOHOO’S YOU CAN GET! AND WERE TO GET THEM !<3ILOVE YOOHOOAND FRIENDS<3

  10. Viola Végső Says:

    eternal child to stay in good

  11. hope Says:

    winning a yoohoo and friend has helped me to learn how it feels to win and to be more creative in what i do like some times for math i drawl yoohoo and frineds on my paper then add them up !:D

  12. tamsen Says:

    i think it has hepled me be more creative and to particapate in more activities thankss:D

  13. Afriel Says:

    I’ve learned more about endangered species, about what different yoohoos are out there, and where to go find them!

  14. Rhiann Says:

    Ive Learnt About The Endangered Species and How To Be Creative In The Competitions! ❤

  15. Sophi Carroll Says:

    I have learnt many things from yoohoo and friends. I’ve learnt more about the environment, what sort of animals are endangered and I have also made some new friends, Thanks Yoohoo and Friends! ❤

  16. Karl Descheneaux Says:

    I learned to love animals

  17. AbyReyes98 Says:

    Ohh I have learned so much… like the animals that are in danger ❤ I learned the different types of animals i the world etcc

  18. I’ve learn about the various species of endangered aminals and the importance of mother nature that plays an essential role. The vibrant colours of YOOHOOs unleashes my creativity and admirability. There is a reason behind each yoohoo and friends and thats whats makes it special =)

  19. eden Says:

    i have learned from yoohoo’s fan page on facebookthat you can get loads of yoohoo s in diffrent animals and diffrent sizes

  20. Lovisa Says:

    I have learned not care if people think I’m not grown up because I like YooHoo and friends even though I’ll be 21 soon

  21. Lucky Sparks Says:

    I’ve Learned From YooHoo And Friends Fanpage That We Can Enter A Contest Which Is The Question Of The Week

  22. Teresa Says:

    My daughter has learned that there are lots more endangered animals than she thought.

  23. Lexy Says:

    That all the YooHoos are endangered animals.

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