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New YooHoo & Friends (Part 1) May 24, 2011

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Aurora World Inc. released photos today of the newest YooHoo & Friends animals to debut in the United States in June. Since summer is right around the corner, the first new YooHoo & Friends animals we are showing you are ready to hit the beach! YooHoo Diver, Pammee Beach Girl and YooHoo Surfer are each available in five inch sizes and make a sound when squeezed.

These new YooHoos look awesome! We hope you like them and we will release images of other new YooHoos on the blog soon.



2 Responses to “New YooHoo & Friends (Part 1)”

  1. peijin Says:

    woo~that is great

  2. Hannah A Says:

    love them i want the pamme one xxx

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