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Question of the Week (weekly contest/giveaway) June 15, 2011

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Congratulations to Vanessa Andrews — she wins the YooHoo pictured above because she was our randomly selected Question of the Week winner for June 6-12!

Our next question of the week is below. As always, to be entered into the weekly drawing, answer the question by commenting on the post or via Twitter using @yoohoofriends in your tweet. Good luck!

Q: If you could only pick ONE color for a YooHoo & Friends plush animal, which color would you pick?


















43 Responses to “Question of the Week (weekly contest/giveaway)”

  1. Alison B Says:

    Blue !!!!!!

  2. Hailey B Says:

    A black puffy YooHoo

  3. Trish Says:

    A fluffy tail one

  4. waulmurf Says:

    puuuurple… (with an umbrella)

  5. Cheryl Phillips Says:

    Green, blue and pink

  6. Ruth Daly Says:

    Yellow, bright enough to catch attention and not thought of as being a colour for only boys or girls (: xxxx

  7. Karl Descheneaux Says:

    Purple 🙂

  8. The Greblettes Says:


  9. Vanessa Andrews Says:

    How do I get you my address to send my prize?
    And I would say key lime green.

  10. Dido Says:

    Aqua Blue ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. candace flamm Says:


  12. Sami Says:

    Dark purple ^__^

  13. Janessa Chong Says:

    Candy PINK! =D

  14. Victoria Sparks Says:

    Blue pink and purple

  15. helga Says:

    RED XD

  16. Teresa Says:

    Sky blue!

  17. I want one in lavender!

  18. Ruth Daly Says:

    Baby blue would be cute xx

  19. eden Says:

    lominise yellow

  20. jeannine m Says:

    I would pick pink and white for my daughter

  21. Synthetic Alice Says:

    PINK-of course! There is no doubt…

  22. Cyan– black ears and paws, white stripes on the tail to match my bike. 🙂

  23. Elisabeth Says:

    Bright Pink because thats my absolute favorite color!! I LUV YOOHOOS!!!

  24. Afriel Says:

    pine tree green!

  25. Yolanda Zambon Says:

    Violet! It is my daughter’s name.

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      guess what Yolanda? you were our randomly selected winner for Question of the Week June 13-19! email yoohoowinners[at]gmail[dot]com with your full name and address and please mention QOTW June 13-19 in your email. Thanks!

      • Yolanda Zambon Says:

        Thank you! I am so excited to win the cute cowboy YooHoo! I have 4 kids and they all love them, including their mom!

  26. Viola Végső Says:


  27. Sophi Carroll :) Says:

    Cherry Red or Azur Blue or Mangolia Pink

  28. Georgia wilson Says:

    i would pick sky blue because its my favorite colour….I LOVE YOOHOOS!!!!!!!!

  29. hope hiney Says:

    ARMY GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Rhiann Says:

    Green! 😀 Its My Fav Colour and Yoohoo’s Are My Fav Things!! xx

  31. Lacy Says:

    I think a dark, grape colored Yoo-Hoo would be a good idea.

  32. Abyreyes98 Says:

    Blueeee !! And Pinkkk

  33. Sue Witherson Says:

    Neon blue!

  34. Alexia Says:


  35. Ashley S Says:

    hot pink

  36. Lovisa Says:

    white 😀

  37. daisy Says:

    yellow and black

  38. daisy Says:

    black and pink

  39. daisy Says:

    black and pink like my mum debbie louise betts won that she won for me

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