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Question of the Week (weekly contest) June 28, 2011

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Congratulations to our Question of the Week winner for June 20-26, Tara Oliver! She wins the YooHoo pictured above! Every week is another opportunity to enter the contest and win — just answer the question by commenting on this post or via Twitter (@yoohoofriends). Thank you for your participation, we appreciate it! Let’s get to the next question:

Q: We are almost at 5,000 fans on our Facebook page (wooohooo!, don’t forget to tell your friends!). What else would you like to see us do on Facebook in the coming weeks/months/years?



22 Responses to “Question of the Week (weekly contest)”

  1. Karl Descheneaux Says:

    A yoohoo facebook game 🙂

  2. Valérie ^-^ Says:

    More contests!! (“Design a yoohoo” would be cool, and dress up contests, and videos)
    More new yoohoos. (A purple one!!!)
    More random twitter contests.
    Events to meet Yoohoo in Canada.
    Wallpapers for computer that aren’t calendars, and of bigger sizes (widescreen)
    Stuffed animals that don’t make sound, because they wake me up at night xD

  3. Chris Ryan Says:

    definitely more contests!!!

  4. Shannon Naugle Says:

    It would be fun to see a “Meet the Yoohoo” to get to know the different yoohoos in the collection

  5. Milena Paris Says:

    a yoohoo application and other contests 😀

  6. Dido Says:

    Create a game on FB with yoohoos!!! with levels etc

  7. Lucky Sasha Sparks Says:

    More Twitter Contests ! Design A YooHoo And Friends Contest ! Video Contest ! And More Fun Contests

  8. Lovisa Says:

    Things to download, updates

  9. Noemi Hernández Says:

    I think it would be really great add a category in shop online about yoohoo and friends t-shirts or all type of clothes 🙂 and , of course, more plushes about more animals in the world, maiby stranges animals for meeting more animals and know more about our nature .

  10. Elisabeth Says:

    make more contests and also get an interactive chat going on about the yoohoos and maybe create a fund for some of the endangered animals that are not usually helped

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Elisabeth — surprise! You are the winner of the Question of the Week for June 27 – July 3rd! Congrats 🙂 email yoohoowinners[at]gmail[dot]com to claim your prize! please mention QOTW Winner June 27-July 3 in your email! Thanks!

  11. Sophi Carroll :) Says:

    More contests, maybe more on twitter too 🙂

  12. eden Says:

    definetly design a yoohoo

  13. Rhiann Hearons Says:

    More Contests etc

  14. Abyreyes98 Says:

    More contests( costume , desing, pictures etc)
    More yoohoo &friends like a flamingo, sea animal, eagle, etc…
    More giveaways 🙂

  15. Teresa Says:

    We would love to see another “Design a new Yoohoo too!!!

  16. Nothing 🙂 your page is perfect

  17. Janessa Says:

    I’d love to see more yoohoo pics from all around the world! perhaps even more contests or even a game =))

  18. Viola Végső Says:

    more sweepstakes 🙂 more yoohooes :)))))))))))))

  19. More Contest would be cool. I want to design my own Yoohoo. Love the Random Contests and it would be funny to see more of them!

  20. alicia toro Says:

    Aplications for smartphones.

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