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New Question of the Week July 7, 2011

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Arrrrrrrr you the winner?

A big congratulations to our winner for June 27 – July 3, Elisabeth Zernik! She was the randomly selected winner for Question of the Week. Time for the next question — entering our weekly contest is easy — comment on this post with your answer or do so via Twitter (don’t forget to use @yoohoofriends in your tweet). We also suggest subscribing to this blog in case you don’t see our reminder messages on Facebook. Good luck to all!

Q: Besides YooHoo & Friends, what other stuffed animals or toys do you and your friends collect?



57 Responses to “New Question of the Week”

  1. Lunachique Says:

    My sister collects Pookalooz.

  2. We have build a bears. My toddler like to put glasses and hats on the,

  3. I used to collect bears…of all kinds…TONS of stuffed ones.


    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  4. Lovisa Says:

    dogs and pigs 🙂

  5. None. Only yoohoos. I’ve never collected toys before. Yoohoos are that great.

  6. Lacy Says:

    I collect Webkinz. Yoohoo’s are very collectible but I collect Webkinz, too!

  7. Shon Lee Says:

    I also collect Skelanimals! MacDonald’s kid’s meal toy!

  8. Karl Descheneaux Says:

    no other stuffed animals or toys.

  9. tara oliver Says:

    we actually really like Scare Me Nots at my house. and little stuffed horses or anything cute. 🙂

  10. Sheryl Edwards Says:

    I collect seasonal and holiday bears, pigs, sheep and elephants.

  11. Teresa Says:

    Stuffed Pokemon and anything CATS!

  12. Chris Ryan Says:

    I don’t ‘collect’ other stuffed animals in the same way as I do Yoohoos, but I have a TON of other animals. Mainly, when I go thrift store shopping and I see something really cute, I get it. I have a pink hippo, purple monkey, spherical raccoon, overly fluffy bunny, several huskies, some pokemon, some beanie babies, etc. But I don’t feel the need to have ALL of the beanies, pokemon, or other brands like I do yoohoos.

  13. Nothing really else . . a lot of Build-a-bears but wouldn’t call it a collection.

  14. Brandy Says:

    Mostly yoohoo or anything cute and is a stuffed animals.

  15. Winni Paw Says:

    Stuffed animal plush

  16. Kim Weber Says:

    I collect meerkat plush. 🙂 That’s why I’m happy there’s a few Meerkat yoohoo’s!

  17. My daughter loves yoohoo but will collect anything else that is cute, soft and fluffy. Her bed is full, I have no idea how she manages to get in bed each night :O))

  18. sandra Says:

    none 🙂

  19. Milena Paris Says:

    I collect hedgehogs 😀 ❤

  20. laura Says:

    Pound Puppies!!

  21. Did0 Says:

    Well…..anything else,Because YooHoo and Friends are the BEST! So I don’t need something more !!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  22. Helga Björt Says:

    Sonic the hedgehog 🙂

  23. candace flamm Says:

    I also llike the new Jumbies that came out not to long ago.

  24. Victoria Justice Says:

    I Only Collect YooHoo And Friends Plush Toys ! Before I Did Have Some Stuffed Animals But I Have No Clue What Brand Is It

  25. Janessa Chong Says:

    I collect tons of stuff animals! but mostly yoohoos =D

  26. Noemi Hernández Says:

    I collect Disney soft toys ( mickey and minnie, stitch, nemo, winnie the pooh , goofy…) and disney dolls( tinker bell, belle, cinderella, snow white, pocahontas,the little mermaid, alice…)

  27. Elisabeth Says:

    The ty beanie babies and hello kitty stuffed animals. I love yoohoos the most, you guys should make a hello kitty one, i would totally buy it !!

  28. hope hiney Says:

    ummm i collect pokemon,hamtaro,littlest pet shops,and pokemoncards and more!

  29. Yolanda Zambon Says:

    my kids collect Yoohoo & Friends, My Little Pet Shop, My Little Pony, Toy Story stuffed animals, Beanie Babies, basically anything small.

  30. I dont collect other Plushies. I have a Hand full Nici Plushies but i dont really collect them.
    My Bed is only for Yoohoos XD

  31. Natalie J Vandenberghe Says:

    My daughter likes to me Build-A-Bear stuffed animals, too.

  32. Kat Stork-Brett Says:

    Vintage monkeys (some of them are mechanical) and Monchhichis (vintage and new).

  33. Kristine Nelson Says:

    My daughter collects Build-a-Bears, Zhu Zhu Pets and any small stuffed animal that is cute but YooHoos are her favorite!!

  34. debbie Says:

    my daughter also loves moshi monsters teddies and club penguin teddies designer bears too her whole bed is full of teddies there is hardly any room left for her lol xx she has fur real cubs and cat and dogs and disney teddies too lots of them 🙂 xx but her favorites are yoohoo’s 🙂

  35. debbie Says:

    oh yes my daughter has a pug dog in a basket that breathes it is so cute 🙂

  36. debbie Says:

    i have a teddy of a wombat that my nan and grandad got me when they went to australia i have had it for 19 years sadly my grandad died 17 years ago, iam 32 this year so you are never to old for teddies 🙂

  37. Rhiann Hearons Says:

    Ive Got Alot Of Toys But Most Are Yoohoo’s
    I Do Have A White Polar Bear That Ive Had For 7 Years!… Hes Called Teddy 🙂 x

  38. Sophi Carroll :) Says:

    I have load of stuffed toys but I only collect Yoohoos as they are sooo adorable and I love them 🙂

  39. eden Says:

    nothing just yoohoos . yoohoos are greatbut i use to gollect pokemon cards and peckachu teddys

  40. Angelina Lim Says:

    Doraemon, Pikachu, Mashi Maro and anime stuffed toys XD love them so much~

  41. I collected penguins when I was in elementary school. I’m in high school now, and the whole Madagascar/Happy Feet craze was just REALLY odd to me. Never before had I witnessed such fervor from other people for an idiosyncratic remnant of my childhood.

  42. amylee254 Says:

    My son collects Thomas the trains

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Hi Amy — congrats, you won Question of the Week contest for July 4-10. email yoohoowinners[at]gmail[dot]com with your full name, address etc. to claim your prize. mention July 4-10 as well 🙂 Thanks!

  43. ty beanies.. 🙂

  44. Sami Says:

    Disney’s Stitch cuddly toys. I also used to collect Beanie Babies

  45. Angie Appoo Says:

    My daughter collects Build a Bears, and Barbie Dolls

  46. tamsen jade Says:

    i collect braclets of pokemon and i collect squinkies and yoohoo and friends mostly:))) please pick mee!

  47. andyl6400 Says:

    My daughter collects “piggy banks” all kinds, I would love it if there were yoohoo and friends piggy banks, 🙂

  48. Lily Kwan Says:

    I love Beanie Babies!

  49. Viola Végső Says:

    I collect pugs, hello kitty.

  50. stacey Says:

    i play with littlest pet shop and other auorora things.

  51. Shira Says:


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