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Question of the Week for July 18-24 July 21, 2011

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Thanks to all for answering the Question of the Week! Our winner for July 11-17 comes from Twitter: @stitchyluvsMCC! Congrats!

Our next question of the week is below. Answer by commenting on this post or via Twitter (don’t forget to use @yoohoofriends in your tweet) for your chance to win! Good luck!

Q: YooHoo & Friends is launching a new poetry contest August 1st! We’ll have more details soon, but in the meantime, we’d like to know: what is your favorite poem/who is your favorite poet?



36 Responses to “Question of the Week for July 18-24”

  1. Lovisa Says:

    mine is E. E. Cummings 🙂

  2. Kat Stork-Brett Says:

    Oooh, so hard to pick just one, but at the moment I am really into “Desiderata”, written in 1927 by Max Ehrmann.

  3. My favorite pome is “A RAISIN IN THE SUN” by lorraine hansberry

  4. hope hiney Says:

    a strange wild song by.lewis carrol!~

  5. Rachel Blank Says:

    Sweet Love Of Mine
    By Jason Roop

    I know it hasn’t been long since I last saw you my dear,
    But to me it feels as long as five hundred year.
    I miss you to the point I am loosing all sanity,
    There has to be an end to all this calamity.

    I think of you every second and every breath,
    For you I would stare even into the face of death.
    To kiss your lips is to taste the sweetness of love,
    And it brings forth feelings from the heavens above.

    To look into your eyes is to gaze into the sky,
    So beautiful with the stars and the heavens inside.
    To see your smile is to see the divine,
    This poem is for you, sweet love of mine.

  6. Shon Lee Says:

    Ode to a Nightingale by John Keats,written in May 1819

  7. Chris Ryan Says:

    A. A. Milne!

  8. “Soir d’Hiver” and “La Passante” by Emile Nelligan

  9. Karl Descheneaux Says:

    Paul Verlaine 🙂

  10. Kim Weber Says:

    My favorite poet? Shel Silverstein, gotta love the kiddie poems!

  11. mellanhead Says:

    Robert frost…two roads diverged into a yellow wood

  12. didokrios Says:

    My favorite poets are Kavafis,Solomos,Kalvos and many other greeks !!!!!

  13. Ruba’i/Omar Khayam

  14. Elisabeth Says:

    My favorite poet is either dr. seuss or shel silverstein lol, also poe is very good too

  15. eden Says:

    i dont like any to be honest

  16. Rhiann Hearons Says:

    Robert Frost 🙂 ❤
    i like a few of his poems, well most 😉
    Some i can recite too 😀 xx

  17. Aggie Says:

    I like Robert Frost.

  18. Shira Says:


  19. Milena Paris Says:

    Giacomo Leopardi, “L’infinito”

  20. My favorite poet is Shel Silverstein and my favorite poem is ” SICK” It is SO awesome! Follow this link to his website which by the way is just as awesome as his poetry!!! AWESOME!!!


  21. tamsen jade Says:

    my favorite poems are from robert frost he is amazing at making poems =] thankss . :DD

  22. nicole Says:

    my favorite poet is selena gomez , why ? cuz she have awesome voice (:

  23. Another E.E. Cummings fan here. 😉 That kind of writing is pretty… ageless, you know? It holds its appeal to child and grown-up alike.

    I’m not a fan of poetry, like at all, but I’d have to say that at the moment, my favorite is Where There’s a Wall by Joy Kogawa ( found here: http://www.library.utoronto.ca/canpoetry/kogawa/poem4.htm ); the story of oppression, lost hope, and potential for profound change.

  24. Josh Says:

    favorite POEt? Poe of course!

  25. Sam Says:

    My favorite poet is Shel Silverstein. My favorite poem he wrote was “Ickle me, Pickle me, Tickle me too”.

  26. debbie Says:

    my favorite poem is by, my daughter daisy which here whole school had a poem book made its called cinderella she was aged 7 years 🙂

  27. Fadi Says:

    “A dream within a dream” by Edgar Allen Poe

  28. Unfortunately poetry isn’t my thing.

  29. Viola Végső Says:

    william shakespeare: 75. sonnet

  30. Jennie Tieu Says:

    My favorite poet is Shel Slverstein and my favorite poem is ” Hug ‘O’ War” His poems are awesome including “Hug ‘O’ War” because it gives a simple message in life – Peace Conquers War

  31. Sophi Carroll :) Says:

    Mine has to be The Owl And The Pussy Cat. I recieted it at my aunts weeding as few ears ago and took my owl and fennec fox (as it looks like a pretty cat) with me (:

  32. Daisy Green Says:

    Hey Diddle Diddle by Elizabeth Harbour
    Hey diddle diddle,
    The cat and the fiddle,
    The cow jumped over the moon,
    The little dog laughed
    To see such sport,
    And the dish ran away with the spoon.

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