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Question of the Week Contest: Aug 8-14 August 10, 2011

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Congratulations to Grace Brown, our Question of the Week contest winner for August 1-7!! She wins the prize pictured above!

Our next question of the week is below. How do you enter the contest? Easy! Answer by commenting on this post or via Twitter (using @yoohoofriends in your tweet):

QOTW: Can you tell us what or who influences you the most when buying toys/gifts (i.e.: a family member, friend, celebrities, print/online/TV advertisements?) please please please be specific (which friend or family member, which celebrity, magazine or newspaper ads/TV commercials?)




33 Responses to “Question of the Week Contest: Aug 8-14”

  1. My 4 year old daughter always influences me when I’m buying gifts because she picks out the most colorful and unique things. She always has an open mind about what she likes and wants and I try to be like her and do the same:)

  2. Riley Reeves Says:

    My mommy & me go to the Yoo-hoo store and I get to pick out the one’s I want. I like the colorful ones and all the fun sounds they make. My pink beaver is my favorite!!

  3. jeannine m Says:

    Alot of things, toys I see on twitter from timetoplay and bigtoybook, friends and kids

  4. Sami Says:

    Mostly it’s just the appearance of the toy. I tend to buy merchandise to go with my favorite fandoms such as Pokemon, various anime shows (mainly retro) but I do get outside influences. For example my latest YooHoo – the red fox – my mate told me to buy “because he’s ginger so he’s awesome!” I even named the little fox after him X3

  5. Samantha Conway Says:

    What inspires me? Hmm basically if its a collectors item or if its cute I buy it. I collect angery birds, YooHoo and friends, and furbies. My friends also inspire me too buy things. Like the care bears remind me of each of my friends.

  6. Chris Ryan Says:

    nothing. I found my first yoohoo at Valley Fair. I just wanted a stuffed animal and picked a yoohoo out of all of them available. I researched them afterwards and started collecting them. Nobody I knew had even heard of them before I bought them. I’m not really influenced by commercials or what other people own. I buy things I find that I like, not because other people like them…

  7. tara Says:

    oh my daughter, definitely! she’s 4. 🙂

  8. alyssa Says:

    my little sister inspires me because she love toys especially yoohoo dolls she loves to dress them and talk to them she has two she really wants another I want to suprise her.

  9. Many things and people influence me to buy a toy.
    Firstly, it’s the toy itself! I’m pretty sure if the toy looks nice/adorable/cool/cuddly/interesting, people would love to get their hands on it and if it’s affordable, it’s hard to resist to take them to the counter.
    Second, my mom would be a great influence too if she’s there shopping with me. If she likes that toy, she would actually ask me if I want it! Of course it’s not easy to say no to that aye?
    Thirdly, my boyfriend! He too would ask me if i want it after i picked up a toy to have a closer look. He would also say he likes the toy and he doesn’t mind getting me one.
    My friends too, can influence me. They would point out whichever toy they like from shops, fliers, internet, email and other medias. This gave me a hint of what to buy for their birthdays or other events! Not necessarily to buy toys for myself 🙂

  10. Shon Lee Says:

    If it is to give to someone, then it depends on the individual preference of the receiver.If it is something for myself, I would usually buy something that is useful except for toys.The toy itself will have to be attractive to me and of good quality! Yoohoofriends plushies are of good quality so I like them very much .If I like the toy, I would also buy its other merchandise eg bag, stationery etc etc that are useful!

  11. The internet and flyers influence me when buying toys, but most importantly my grandma. The internet influences me because it provides me with such a variety of toys that I would love to have. Whenever I see flyers promoting plushies like Build A Bear, I know I have to have them because they are so cute. Lastly, my grandma influences me by generously buying me the toys. Everytime I hug a new plushie, I think about my grandma and how much I love her. YooHoo & Friends Rock!!! 🙂

  12. My chidren. They like YooHoo, that’s why I buy toys every week))) It’s so pleasure for me to see their faces with a new YooHoo. Their smiles infuence me.

  13. didokrios Says:

    When i buy stuffed toys,I buy them for myself or for some friends of mine that i know they like stuffed toys! I ususally buy them for birthdays!

  14. Elisabeth Says:

    probably magazines cause i read a lot of them and also just the look of toys and where they are available… also friends and family.

  15. hayley evans Says:

    When I buy toys I go by how cute they are (like with Yoohoos), but if I see toys in magazines I occasionally think I have to have it. I also do a lot of online shopping for toys.

  16. meerkatic Says:

    I guess the internet has a ton to do with it, since that’s usually where I see the stuff first. But most important, what influences me the most is…myself! I’ll buy something if I know I like it.

  17. Viola Végső Says:

    the current fashion

  18. Emily Says:

    A lot of things influence me. My kids are a huge influence as well as tv commercials and ads in magazines.

  19. Kat Stork-Brett Says:

    For me it’s personal taste. I just see something and it’s cute or not. I’m usually attracted by bright colours, rainbows, big eyes and it’s usually a done deal if there’s an environmental message, or proceeds help out some animal/environment charity.

  20. yasmin H. Says:

    when i go 2 the mall with my family we use have 2 bring alot of money becuase my little sis[gabi] always influences us 2 by stuff because she always picks the most adorable thing and just by saying ” can we by this?” ,she ends up going home with a new toy/gift.

  21. Rhiann Hearons Says:

    Normally Its Personal Taste but if i cant decide which to buy i ask family members like my sisters and Mam, I Like Cute Toys, With Big Eyes and Fluffyness xx
    (Im Very Similar to KAT STORK-BRETT, i love to help out with charity)

  22. I would have to say my kids influence me the most. But I think the toy itself influences them the most. If they see something they like or that is cute- they really want it.

  23. Nothing. I buy Plushies because they touched my heart. I saw Yoohoos and couldnt resist theyr big eyes and the fluffy Fur.

  24. artsketching Says:

    I think TV advertisements influence me to buy things. It’s usually how I see the new things that are out. My first time of seeing yoohoos was at Cedar Point’s gift shops. They’re noises were so fun I couldn’t put them down. They are adorable.

  25. Milena Paris Says:

    My choice is made all by myself and in relation with the tastes that I had when I was a little girl… I love the same things, more or less!

  26. Daisy Green Says:

    when my mum buys me my yoohoos she influnces me

  27. Janessa Chong Says:

    I guess what really influence me is the people that I’m with all the time- my family. Regardless of who and why, I think my family is the reason why I’ve grown so much to love yoohoos. Besides that, I also think WWF magazines and commercials do alot too. I came to understand and grasp the true understanding of endangered animals and thats what got me into collecting yoohoos. so that every day I wake up, I get to remind myself that there are indeed animals out there in the brink of extinction. Needless to say, theres a lot that plays a major role in influencing me to make a purchase.

  28. Commercials on tv ^-^ and the cuteness of the toy =)

  29. Jennie Tieu Says:

    My little brother inspires me when I buy toys because he always picks out the really funny and weird and it has a way to make everyone laugh

  30. Lovisa Says:


  31. Hope Hiney Says:

    nothin really i just was a new born baby and my mom said that my dad went to the gift shop and saw a snow white pammee and he bought it and i`ve been collecting ever since and i still have that pammee and it might not be the brightest crayon in the box but to me she is ……

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