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Question of the Week Contest: Aug. 15 – 21 August 17, 2011

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Congratulations MILENA PARIS!

You are our Question of the Week winner for Aug. 8-14!

Here’s the next question of the week contest — just answer by commenting on the post or via Twitter (use @yoohoofriends in your tweet!).

QOTW: If you ever found out that you could keep just ONE (1) YooHoo from your collection, which one would you choose??

Good luck!!



42 Responses to “Question of the Week Contest: Aug. 15 – 21”

  1. Lovisa Says:

    My fennec fox (“Pammee”) 😀

  2. Hope Hiney Says:

    atlas the barbary lion!!! of course! i would never forget him!

  3. Sparkee, the cutest, funkiest, not-bad-smelling skunk ^^ The first YooHoo & Friends toy i ever got 🙂 it was given by my bf & i really really love it!

  4. Emily Pace Says:

    Chewoo i love the little red squirrel and he makes the cutest noise its so cute and it sits in the middle of my collection :3

  5. Jon Carey Says:

    My only one so far. Aekibyonaar the Froggy Impersonator

  6. charlotte kirton Says:

    probably my lemur, lester 🙂 he is a bit scratched up after 2 years of hugs and squeezes from me and my cats lol but he was the first yoohoo and friend i ever got (i spent all my money on him!) and even though im 17, and people say its silly that im still so obsessed with toys and teddy bears, i love my lester to bits. I wouldn’t give him up for anything 🙂

  7. alyssa Says:


  8. Sylvia Puccio Says:

    My penguin Kookee 🙂

  9. meerkatic Says:

    NOOO! Don’t make me choose! 😦 But I guess, Pookee the meerkat

  10. My valintine’s yoohoo

  11. yasmin H. Says:

    if i HAD 2 choose one it would HAVE 2 be my pink river dolphin.[DONT make me choose!]

  12. sandra Says:


  13. janie-jane Says:

    middle sized pammee

  14. Aude Rubiès Says:

    My ladybird Kyra because I had so effort to find her that now it does not leave me any more

  15. didokrios Says:

    This would be my biggest yoohoo 24” in blue!!!!

  16. Sophi Carroll :) Says:

    Hmm, I’d probably keep… ALL OF THEM! But If I had to choose (D:) then I’d pick chewoo or lemmee as they were the first I got, Remember this is only if I had to choose. I would never get rid of any of my Yoohoos:)

  17. Milena Paris Says:

    the owl: a present of my boyfriend!

  18. jeannine m Says:

    The white one in the panda costume

  19. I would ask my mom to sew me a giant hollow yoohoo and then i would stuff all my yoohoos inside the fake yoohoo lol just kidding i would pick yoohoo of course because he is like the leader of the yoohoos

  20. My daughter has the Lemur, she loves it!

  21. Megan Kelly Says:

    Pammee because she is the most adorable, fluffy, and cuddly fennec fox in the whole world!!! ❤

  22. loonee!! hes such a cute owl!!

  23. Marci Says:

    My 8″ Pammee who whistles at me!

  24. Viola Végső Says:

    yoohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pink tail

  25. Bert Ha Says:

    My Barbary Lion! LIO *.* =)

  26. My 4 year old daughter only has one YooHoo so far, it is a purple lesser panda that she named Dreamy she has been wanting to get it a friend…lol She loves stuffed animals more than any kid that I have ever seen and she likes them to have friends and family…lol 🙂

  27. Lucky Sparks Says:

    My Little Penguin !!!! Thats The First YooHoo I Ever Got !! And IF It Wasnt For
    Pingu .. I Wouldnt Have known about yoohoo and friends !!!

  28. hannah .A. Says:

    of course Lora the scarlet macaw parrot ❤ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  29. Chris Ryan Says:

    just one? ouch…probably shooga, he’s so cute!

  30. Elisabeth Says:

    I only have one, sparkee!!!

  31. Teresa Says:

    Shooga the Suger Glider!! Although my daughter loves Sparky too!

  32. andyl6400 Says:

    The pink yoo hoo, same color pattern as the blue yoo hoo, my daughter will not go anywhere without her.

  33. gosh its a hard choice! But if I really had to pick, I’d choose atlas the barbary lion! ❤

  34. Fadi Says:

    the big yoohoo with the blue tail

  35. Rhiann Hearons Says:

    Awww!! Thats So Unfair My sister an i have got lots, I Would wanna keep all of them! If i had to choose proberbly my Big Lynx or Panda – Their My FAV! Or The Platipuss.. this is super hard!! xx

  36. Shon Lee Says:

    the pinkish cute and adorable Pammee, the fennec fox! I just love its pure colors:white and pink!

  37. I think i would keep my ne pink Rhino or my Platypus! I love them but its a hard decision >.<

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