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Are My YooHoo & Friends Authentic? September 15, 2011

Friends…unfortunately, there has been a sharp increase in ripoffs and imitations of our precious YooHoo & Friends plush animals.

We hate to break it to Sarah Jessica Parker and the Jersey Shore cast, but those aren’t real YooHoos. Loki the Lemur is DEFINITELY not a YooHoo. Beanie Boos are NOT YooHoos (plus they don’t even make sounds).

So, what about your YooHoo & Friends animals? Are they authentic? Here are some tips to help figure it out:

  • All new YooHoo & Friends have a tag with the YooHoo & Friends logo and an Aurora red box logo

  • Nearly every YooHoo (except keychains, clip-ons and oversize versions that are in limited production) make a sound when squeezed
  • All five and eight inch YooHoo & Friends animals have eyes made from plastic. These sizes do not use “embroidered” eyes
  • Very accurate imitations are all over Ebay and Amazon. Some even have a replicated tag. Be careful!

If you are not sure if your YooHoo & Friends animal (or the one you are about to purchase) is authentic, please ask us on our facebook page here and we will help you at our earliest convenience!

As always, you can find many styles of authentic YooHoo & Friends in Aurora’s online shop at http://shop.auroragift.com.

If you see any imitations online or for sale in stores, we could use your help.. Please post a comment here with all the relevant information. Pictures and video are very helpful. We need to put a stop to the copycats!

Thank you!


2 Responses to “Are My YooHoo & Friends Authentic?”

  1. Beanie Boos made a monkey same desgin as yoohoo too cleo is not the only yoohoo imitation its a nother monkey i don’t know if it counts cause it’s a monkey

  2. oh and on Facebook buildabear I saw a girl with a profile picture holding a lemur looks just like yoohoo but in purple but I asked and she just said its a lemur

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