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YooHoo & Friends Poetry Contest Winners October 7, 2011

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First off, a huge thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to enter the YooHoo & Friends poetry contest. We had a REALLY tough time picking our five winners. So without much further ado, the five winners in no particular order are…

Diana Tran, Janessa Chong, Jennie Tieu, KaraRii Lee and Kayla Williams. Congratulations!!

See their contest entries below. Winners, please scroll all the way down for info regarding prizes. To view all the excellent poetry contest submissions, visit our Facebook page here.

Diana Tran

Kayla Williams

KaraRii Lee

Jennie Tieu

Janessa Chong

What are the prizes? You have been asking, so this one time we will let you choose. You will have to follow each of these instructions very, very carefully or risk getting the incorrect animals and/or a delay in your prize shipment. Again, PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY:

  1. First visit http://shop.auroragift.com and click “Yoohoo & Friends” in the left sidebar. Or just click HERE.
  2. Write down your list of choices from the shop — your final prize list must not exceed $100 USD in retail value.
  3. Include name of the animal, its “item #”, and price on your list (click “view details” under each product to find the item number).
  4. Please remember to only choose from the animals in the YooHoo & Friends category at the official Aurora shop.
  5. Double-check your product’s item numbers. Make sure they match the listing on the website.
  6. If multiple colors/sounds are available, you must specify which one(s) you choose.
  7. Review your list and make sure the total value is no more than $100 USD.
  8. Please email yoohoowinners[at]gmail[dot]com with your full name, complete mailing address, your phone number and final prize list.

Here’s an example of how your email and prize list should look:

Full Name: John Doe

Address: 123 Main St. Los Angeles, CA 11111

Phone: (310) 555-1212

(PRIZE LIST FORMAT: name as listed — color/sound (if applicable) — item # — $ retail price listed)

  • 8″ Hedgie, Purple; #10718; $15
  • 8″ Large YooHoo 70s Love; #10710; $15
  • 5″ Hapee, #30365; $9
  • Lemur with Sound, #30659; $13
  • 14″ Pammee Stocking and Plush, #9704; $18
  • 5″ Yoo & Best Friends Asst., Blue, #7611; $9
  • YooHoo Pet Carrier w/ Sound, pink (giggle), #8541; $13
  • 5″ YooHoo w/ sound, yellow, #30651; $7

(reminder: add up the price to make sure you don’t exceed $100. The above example list is $99 USD. We will not accommodate any requests for prize lists exceeding $100 USD retail value).

If you have any questions, ask them when you email your info or post here in the comments.

Thanks and have a great weekend!



One Response to “YooHoo & Friends Poetry Contest Winners”

  1. Sophi Carroll Says:

    Congratsssss!!!!!!!!! 🙂 x

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