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Question of the Week Contest: October 10 – 16 October 13, 2011

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Congratulations Gavyn!

You are our Question of the Week winner for October 3 – 9 — enjoy your new Spaceman YooHoo!

(to claim your prize, email yoohoowinners[at]gmail[dot]com)

See below for the next question of the week contest: October 10 – 16! Just answer by commenting on the post or via Twitter (use @yoohoofriends in your tweet!). Like the Spaceman YooHoo in the picture above? He’s available online here: CLICK ME.

QOTW: How do you prefer to purchase your YooHoo & Friends animals (i.e. do you buy online, through our facebook shop tab, at retail like Claire’s etc.)?

Good luck to all!



50 Responses to “Question of the Week Contest: October 10 – 16”

  1. Hope Hiney Says:

    i all ways get my yoohoo and friends at claires at the mall!!! in dayton!

  2. i always go shopping for yoohoo and friends with my cousin (more like sister) Hope Hiney at the dayton malls claires store!!!! duh hope hiney is my best friend in the whole wide world!!!

  3. claires or anywhere online wiv yoohoos

  4. Chris Ryan Says:

    I would prefer to buy at a retailer like claire’s, but they don’t carry very many, so I end up getting most of mine from ebay.

  5. Lovisa Says:

    I get mine in a local store in my town

  6. Tamsen Jade Says:

    i always go to claires, i hope next month they will have atlas the barbary lion in stock!!!

  7. Tamsen Jade Says:

    i usually get yoohoo and friends at claires

  8. Sami Says:

    Claires and Amazon for me =D

  9. Emily Pace Says:

    i brought mine online trademe (NZ version of Ebay we dont have yoohoo’s in NZ so i would have to buy online but im not allowed so i get my boyfriend to buy them online for me and bring them when he visits me when i visit America im goiing to go yoohoo shopping seeing if i can find exclusive ones

  10. Teresa Says:

    a store unless we can’t find what we are looking for and have to have it!!!

  11. I like to buy most of my YooHoo and friends at places like claries and such, your facebook shop and like to buy new and barely used ones online!!! But I would just like to say any place that sells YooHoo and friends is my place to be 😀 There are just so many wonderful animals waiting to come home with you ❤ I love YooHoo and friends and buy them all the time :]

  12. i love going to macys for a bunch of yoohoo and friends and yoohoo when will the newest yoohoo`s from june be out i have only seen them online and i wanna know when they will be out at claires because hope (my daughter) wants atlas the barbary lion shes been beggin be for like 2 or 3 months! please help me!

  13. I like to Get my YooHoo friends at the Bucee’s in Luling, Texas. This way I know that it is real even if I have a limited choice.

  14. Nicky Says:

    I usually get mine from Claires but they don’t carry that many! I may need to start getting them online! ❤

  15. Denise & Karyn Says:

    We just discovered Yooohoo and Friends and now both my 7 year old and I are obsessed with them! We just bought our first one at a little store in our town and now we search the internet and stores wherever we go!

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Hi there, you were the randomly selected winner for this week’s prize. please email yoohoowinners[at]gmail. thanks!

  16. alyssa Says:

    I know i won’t win but
    anyway here you go clairs

  17. jeannine m Says:


  18. I got most of mine at claire’s, one at an airport, one at a theme park. I like claire’s because I’m able to go there more often. =)

  19. Megan Kelly Says:

    I always get mine at claire’s and a couple from the Paper Store, there you really have to dig through all the beanie boos and somtimes you might find a couple yoohoos hiding on the shelf!! 😛

  20. Kim Weber Says:

    I actually won most of mine from crane machines! 😀 But I’ve bought a few from shops.

  21. cleohelios Says:

    At Claire’s but we need more Yoohoo in this shop. Choice is really limited…

  22. any retails would be fine 🙂 you get a close up and feel of the toy!

  23. JanessaC Says:

    Well to be frank , yoohoo and friends aren’t sold here in my country. so I have to either purchase them online, though I can’t make any purchases because of some issues. I will surely purchase yoohoo & friends in the future 😉

  24. waulmurf Says:

    buy in a shop (claires, müller, migros, globus)

  25. Lindsey Says:

    I buy them retail… they’re more an impulse buy, those big eyes staring up at me. 🙂

  26. Shon Lee Says:

    I would prefer to purchase them in a store, but it must be a reputable store eg a mega store or its official retail store.In this way, I would be 100% sure that they are authentic. For the same reason, I do not mind getting them online but it must only be from its official website.

  27. Rhiann Hearons Says:

    I get them at a store but sometimes if i really really really like it and cant get it anywhere else, i get them online and of course, Hopefully off winning a contest too 🙂

  28. Milena Paris Says:

    I prefer to get them at a store and I wish that, in the next future, there will be a Yoohoo&friends store at Orio Center, the biggest shopping center in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe!

  29. I buy most of mine from either Amazon, Ebay or Claire’s. 🙂

  30. veronika hajdu Says:

    I live in Luxembourg and the first time i ever saw a yoohoo was at a gasstation. It was a small yoohoo on a keyring, and i couldn’t resist it, so i bought two of them, one for me and one for my boyfriend. Then i’ve bought yohoos in this big grocery store called Auchan. I’ve also seen yohoos in small random shops outside the city centre. So – i like to buy my yoohoos in stores 🙂 But since they haven’t got all the different type of yoohoos i’d also like to get some online soon!

  31. Dido Yoohoo Says:

    I buy them from Claire ‘s ,ebay and amazon!

  32. I buy them where ever i see them. Most in Claires but i saw any Yoohoos in Migros and Manor!

  33. I love buying online!

  34. Nio Sweetie Says:

    i bought some in Aurora show in LA, or i got them from my friends~

  35. Lea G Says:

    I buy my Yoohoos either at Claire’s or at a gardening Store (Delbard) of my city. keke =n_n=

  36. Alicia Toro Says:

    I go every week to claires, I’m looking for best prices to buy them.

  37. Sophi Carroll Says:

    Anywhere I see them

  38. Elisabeth Says:

    Retail… claires and hallmark baby!!!!!!!!!

  39. eden Says:

    claires and internet

  40. Viola Végső Says:


  41. Diana Tran Says:

    I usually buy my yoohoos at Claires ^_^ :3

  42. Radu R. Says:

    Hi there,

    I first got my YooHoo at one cash&carry hipermarket in Romania in 2008. There was a lot of pink YooHoo-s and a blue one.
    I bought a blue one and a pink one. They were my very first Yoohoo.
    In the next Year I bought a little pink YooHoo from a newspaper stand in Croatia(In 2009 the only country near me was Croatia so I have 2 croatian YooHoos). Then I bought my first Yoohoo friend in 2010 from Barcelona, a green Meerkat(she was the only one in the whole mall). Now in 2011 I saw a TV commercial and I was kind of “Yeeee…I can take my favorite friends from a local retailer. Then the YooHoos were available everywhere in my country.
    So I like buying my YooHoos from retailers not online shops even if there are not all the YooHoos.
    P.S. Please if you see this comment would you tell my please if I can buy YooHoos online even if I live in Europe(on the email)

  43. Radu R. Says:

    Can we participate more times at this contest even if we win?

  44. Sylvia Puccio Says:

    Claires or online!

  45. Chibi Usagi Says:

    Ebay 🙂

  46. Lily Kwan Says:


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