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Do Teddy Bears Influence Better Behavior? October 20, 2011

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30th Anniversary Bear is watching you. 🙂 Aurora, who makes YooHoo & Friends, is also known for its other plush animals including teddy bears.

According to a new Harvard Business Review article, adults are less likely to cheat and more likely to engage in “pro-social” behaviors when reminders of children, such as teddy bears (or crayons even) are present. From the report:

In all our lab studies, we found that when subjects were near toys or engaged in activities like watching cartoons, the number of cheaters dropped almost 20%. In several studies we had participants play games in which they filled in missing letters to complete words. Those who were primed with childhood cues were far more likely to form “moral” words like “pure” and “virtue” than those who weren’t. In addition, people behaved better in the presence of childhood cues even if they weren’t feeling particularly happy.

Very interesting. Read the rest of the article here: http://hbr.org/2011/09/adults-behave-better-when-teddy-bears-are-in-the-room/ar/1?referral=00060

What say you — does the presence of toys make people behave more ethically?



One Response to “Do Teddy Bears Influence Better Behavior?”

  1. ANNA GREEN Says:

    yes probably

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