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Happy Hug A Bear Day — Win an Aurora Teddy! November 7, 2011

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UPDATE (Nov. 17th): Congratulations to the randomly selected contest winner, Shon Lee! Email us at yoohoowinners@gmail.com to claim your 30th Anniversary Bear!

WIN THIS BEAR! Details in the post.

Today is “Hug A Bear Day!” Did you know that Aurora, the company that manufactures YooHoo & Friends, makes hundreds of different bears (you can peruse Aurora’s beary nice offerings here)? We bring this up to you, loyal YooHoo & Friends fanatics, because we’re going to turn this special day into a week-long contest. It’s your “Hug A Bear Day” call to action, if you will. The winner will receive Aurora’s limited edition 30th Anniversary Bear, pictured above.

We want to see your photos, hear your story, or see some video about your favorite teddy bear(s) or teddy bear collection.

How to Enter: Write your story (at least 50 words please) and/or post a link to your photo/video in the comments of this blog post no later than November 13.

A random winner will be chosen from the blog comments and we will announce the name of the winner on Monday, November 14th. The contest is open to contestants worldwide.

Have you heard the long and storied tale of the Teddy Bear? Almost 100 years ago our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt went hunting and could not find any bears in the woods. He finally came upon a grizzled old bear and when it was time to shoot, he refused to do so saying “it would be wrong to hunt such an old bear.” A political cartoonist immortalized the incident complete with a drawing of the bear. A shopkeeper made a stuffed animal version and asked permission from the president to call it a “Teddy Bear”.

The political cartoon drawing of the "Teddy Bear"

Need some help on how to celebrate “Hug A Bear Day”? Follow these tips:

  • Hug Your Whole Collection – Start your day off right and gather every Teddy Bear you can muster and give them a big group hug.
  • Side by Side Comparisons – Line up all of your Teddy Bears with your young ones. Ask them to group them based on texture or color. Also try to determine the different kinds of stuffing each bear has.
  • Take A Photo Of Your Collection – They say that “A picture says a thousand words”  so why not take a picture of your Teddy collection? A picture can be a great way to commemorate “Hug A Bear Day”.
  • Gift A Bear To A Friend – Friends love getting unexpected gifts. Find that perfect Teddy Bear for your friend and surprise them today. Tell them the story of the origin of the Teddy Bear and give it a big old “bear” hug!
  • Be Charitable With Your Bears – The absolute best way to celebrate “Hug A Bear Day” is to give a bear to someone in need. Whether it is one from your collection or one you buy at the store, nothing will put a smile on a needy child’s face like a teddy bear. Even better will be the feeling you get from doing something good for someone else.

We hope you have a delightful hug a bear day and look forward to your entries for the hug a bear day contest!



12 Responses to “Happy Hug A Bear Day — Win an Aurora Teddy!”

  1. Shon Lee Says:

    Hope you like my teddy bear collection on winnie-the-pooh

  2. ChrisDeanna Phan Says:

    Here is my Entry – I have a Teddy. Bear named Bearemy. He’s one of my best friends. I got him when I was 7 and I kept him for until now. I love him so much because he helps me sleep and when Im sad and I look at him he makes me happy again. Sadly, he’s my only Teddy bear now because my mom donated the rest of my bears. I was really upset but then I realized I
    still have Bearemy and atleast other kids will
    have a new special friend. My Teddy bear
    Bearemy makes my life amazing and
    I don’t know what I would do without him. I
    hope every kid has a bear as great and special as Bearemy!

  3. Tweet Prime Says:

    Hi,I’ve submitted my entry on 13 Nov. But I don’t see it here anymore. It was stated that the comment is awaiting moderation. Pls help. thanks.
    This is my link:

  4. yoohoofriends Says:

    thanks everyone for entering! We will have a winner soooooooon 🙂

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