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Question of the Week Contest: Nov. 28 – Dec. 4 November 29, 2011

Congratulations Rebecca Tomlinson and Sabrina Vogeli!

You are our Question of the Week winners for November 14 – 27! If you missed it, we picked two winners for the last two weeks because of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Our winners receive the respective YooHoo & Friends animal pictured below.

(to claim your prize, email your full name and address to yoohoowinners[at]gmail[dot]com)

Scroll down for the next question of the week contest: November 14 – 27! Just answer by commenting on the post or via Twitter (use @yoohoofriends in your tweet!).

QOTW: YooHoo & Friends Holiday stocking contest is underway. Are you going to enter — why/why not?

Need more info? Click this photo to go to the contest homepage!

Good luck to all!



41 Responses to “Question of the Week Contest: Nov. 28 – Dec. 4”

  1. Chris Ryan Says:

    no, i have so many now that I probably wouldn’t be able to get many new ones, so not worth it to enter.

  2. Fayza Nida Says:

    Yes , I would have a collection of Yoohoo & Friends . So, I can put it in my shelf and only If I win .

  3. Yes , I can put my collection of Yoohoo & Friends as a decoration like in window,door etc.

  4. yes probaly cause i want more yoohoos

  5. heidi green Says:

    no as i am not good at making things but i do love yoohoos

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      congrats Heidi, you are the question of the week winner for November 28 – December 4!! don’t forget to email yoohoowinners at gmail dot com with your name and mailing address. thanks! -YooHoo

  6. charlotte kirton Says:

    I’m not sure what design i would do or if i have the money for all the materials i would need, not to mention trying to find a ‘plain stocking’ i would probably have to buy white felt to make one which is a lot more work. So it’s more of a ‘we’ll see’ than a yes or no.

  7. Lindsey Says:

    Maybe… if I have time. 🙂 It would be a great prize for sure!

  8. cleohelios Says:

    I don’t think because I haven’t time 😦

  9. Nicky Says:

    Yes, I’m almost finished with mine! Still drying! 🙂

  10. Dido Yoohoo Says:

    Well I would love to participate in this contest!!! But now unfortunately I don ‘t have much time for this :/ On 23 th of December the schools will be closed for christmas holidays….maybe then I can find some tme to create one!!!!

  11. I already did, I really hope I win!

  12. don’t think so. Will be busy with internship and also need to have quality family & friends time while i’m still back in my home country 🙂 might not be home the whole of next year as i’ve to continue my studies overseas.

  13. I can’t enter. Because i haven’t the money to buy a Stocking or the material to sew by my own. That makes me really sad ;(

  14. Izzy Hewitt Says:

    Yep, I already entered! Its on my facebook 😀

  15. Lovisa Says:

    I want to, but I have not understood it quiet :/

  16. Sami Says:

    I’ve already entered =D I adore YooHoo and Friends but sadly there aren’t a wide selection of them where I live, so I’m hoping to win some I don’t already have to add to my army of furry little big eyed minions!

  17. Teresa Says:

    Thinking about it!!

  18. Shon Lee Says:

    Yes, I’ve already bought the plain xmas stocking but yet to think of a great idea. It has to be beautiful to win rite? I will try to do my best cos I love those big adorable eyes so much that I would like to have more YooHoo & friends characters in my display case 🙂

  19. Sophi Carroll Says:

    Yes, Of Couse I will, It would be great to win, but I understand that plenty of people will be entering:) I bet everyones will be amazing ❤

  20. jeannine m Says:

    Ohh didn’t know about it but now that I do yes!

  21. Cap Cheah Says:

    Am too old for the competition~~~ TT

  22. Veronika Says:

    I really wish i could, but i’m studying at university right now and have full of work & projects. But i really wish i could win a little yohoo to hug when i’m feeling stressed 🙂

  23. Megan Kelly Says:

    Yes definitely, I don’t have many yoohoos yet and I would love to win more, plus I entered in the poetry contest but didn’t win :/

  24. Dafy Says:

    I would love to participate in the running competition but I don ‘t have much time right now :/

  25. maou Says:

    I’d like to participate to the contest but i”m very sorry that i have no time to spend!

  26. rhiann Says:

    That souns cool, ill try an join

  27. Kristine Nelson Says:

    I am going to try!!

  28. Elisabeth Says:

    I don’t know ive done other contests but i’m just really busy with school…

  29. A.Smith Says:

    I could certainly give it a shot 😉

  30. heidi green Says:

    i can not see my post so just incase it did not work i am doing it again not entering twice. no i will not be doing the contest as not good at making things 😦

  31. I am thinking of entering it. My kids would be so excited if they were to win!

  32. Claire Inman Says:

    Arithmaritis as amedical term for math haters

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