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Visiting Aurora World December 6, 2011

Hello everyone! Every year we get to go to Aurora World’s US headquarters and check out the new products that are coming out for the following year. So, here’s a sneak peak at some of the photos we took from our visit. What do you think of these new YooHoos coming out in 2012?

  • Three 16″ YooHoos are the largest available YooHoo & Friends. Pink, Purple and Pammee
  • Rainbow YooHoo & Friends
  • New Halloween YooHoo & Friends including Werewolf
  • Eight new WannaBes including elephant
  • Pink Gorilla, Camel animals added to YooHoo & Friends line
  • Holiday Caroler YooHoo & Friends
  • Holiday “WannaBe” YooHoo & Friends are dressed as Snowman, Tree and Angel

5 Responses to “Visiting Aurora World”

  1. Sophi Carroll Says:

    Love them all ❤

  2. They are all sooo cute. I can’t wait to collect them when they come to England. 😀

  3. Hope Hiney Says:

    i want the angel pammee and the christmas tree yoohoo the most but what do the new camel yoohoo`s look like?

  4. Lydi Says:

    i want the elephant it so cute !!! i need it !!!!

  5. Aude rubies Says:

    I want gorrilla and camel!!

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