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5 Tips: Storing Your Stuffed Animals December 8, 2011

As you can probably tell from some of our more fervent Facebook and Twitter followers, YooHoo & Friends collectors don’t mess around. Some of the collections fans post on our social media contain as many YooHoos as one might have books in a library. But houses aren’t usually built with “stuffed animal shelves.” Here are some tips from YooHoo & Friends to get organized. Besides…YooHoos tend to be “happier” when owners store them properly — don’t leave them lying around for Fido’s lunch!

Argh! Put Them In A Chest

Pirates made the treasure chest famous by robbing and looting valuables and then burying said chest in the sand. What is more valuable than your YooHoo & Friends collection? A huge perk is that the cleanup is easy, when the kids are done playing get them in the habit of dumping their stuffed animals back in the chest. We strongly encourage some sort of organization so that the chest doesn’t become too big of a mess. You can find old chests at your local thrift shop or maybe from a friend or relative’s attic.

A Toy Shelf

Just because you use a shelf for books doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for your YooHoo & Friends collection. Organize them smallest to largest and it will have a cool look to it. Make sure you get a shelf that has a backing so your little friends don’t fall backwards into the lost toy void. Need to store your books as well? Make a compromise and put half the books on the top and your stuffed animals on the bottom.

A Toy Plant

If you know the history and lore of YooHoo & Friends you know that many of them reside in trees and have a great relationship with nature. One suggestion to organizing your YooHoo & Friends is build a pole that can act as their own personal branch or leaf stem for them to “chill out” on. All you need is a rod and some strong rubber bands, latch them to the pole through the Aurora tag and now you have yourself a tree of YooHoos! Guests at your home will love seeing them but be advised that when it’s time to clean up, it can be a bit time consuming because you need to hang each one individually. If you are less handy and want to purchase one, some are available online here.

Hang Them on a Clothes Line

Buy a clothes line and hang it from one end of the wall to the other. Then you can use the little clip to hang up your friends across the line. A cool idea might be to sort them by color or style so that they are in some sort of uniformed order and are pleasant to the eye. Make sure to use proper safety precautions when hanging and placing the toys on the clothes line.

Use A Laundry Bag

Maybe the simplest and cheapest solution – get an everyday vented laundry bag and have it at the ready as soon as playtime is over. Similar to the chest, it offers a very easy cleanup. You can then hang the bag in a closet when playtime is over. As with the chest you may want to talk to your child about organizing the bag as best they can during cleanup to impart positive cleanliness methods to them so they don’t think of it as a garbage bag.

If you haven’t found a way to store toys yet, we hope this gives you some peace of mind about where you can store your YooHoos so they can rest up before the next playtime! All right YooHoo & Friends fanatics, you have your mission if you choose to accept it. Do you already have a cool way to store your YooHoos? Send us a photo or post a comment — we would love to see/hear about it.



2 Responses to “5 Tips: Storing Your Stuffed Animals”

  1. I have all my 5inch YooHoos on a book shelf. I like to call it the YooHoo shelf. I also have two bigger ones sitting on the front of my bed and two smaller Christmas ones hung up on my wardrobe door handles. 😀

  2. Sophi Carroll Says:

    I used to have them on the end of my bed but They now take up more than half of it XD Now the live underneath my cabin bed where I can crawl under switch on my fairy lights and organise them over and over again 😀

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