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Question of the Week #Contest: Dec. 5 – 11 December 8, 2011

CONGRATS TO Heidi Green!

You are our Question of the Week winner for November 28 – December 4! Heidi receives the respective YooHoo & Friends Bearded Monkey pictured below (to claim your prize, email your full name and address to yoohoowinners[at]gmail[dot]com).

Scroll down for the next question of the week contest: December 5 – 11! Just answer by commenting on the post or via Twitter (use @yoohoofriends in your tweet!).

Congrats to our winner, Heidi Green! She wins the Bearded Monkey pictured above. Want one of your own? Get it here: http://bit.ly/uncCiq

QOTW: We are already planning Spring season/Easter themed products for 2012! What are your favorite things AND favorite colors associated with the Spring season?

Good luck to all!



35 Responses to “Question of the Week #Contest: Dec. 5 – 11”

  1. I love the cherry blossoms from Japan! This and all other flowers reminds me on Spring season!

  2. veronika Says:

    My favourite things related to spring are: flowers (tulips), butterflies, easter, fresh grass, all the baby animals born..
    Colours: bright colours, yellow, red, green, orange, blue.. 🙂

  3. Cap Cheah Says:

    Never experience spring though~~~ our country have no 4 seasons~~~

  4. Izzy Hewitt Says:

    When I think of spring A baby deer comes to mind 🙂 Colors, green, light purple, and light pink 🙂

  5. Pink and purple. My hometown has pink blossom trees along the roads downtown and in the spring the trees are covered in pink flowers and in the late spring they fall and the roads are covered in pink too, it’s so pretty. I also love ladybugs.

  6. Megan Kelly Says:

    Spring makes me think of robin’s eggs and crocuses, and with Easter i think of little chicks and easter eggs 😀

  7. Lovisa Says:

    flowers, trees bloom, sunny days, new life. and colors green, yellow, light blue

  8. Larissa Says:

    My favorite colours for spring: rosé, light green/grass green
    My favorite things for spring: cherry blossoms, early roses, birds, cat babies

    When i think of spring i think of light colours, young animals, the leaves returning and the first bright flowers

  9. Viola Végső Says:

    baby pink, flowers, parfums, easter, sun

  10. Hope Hiney Says:

    i like the spring breeze is my hair,the smell of roses, and the colores are light green,light yellow like the pokemon leafeon eevees 7th evolution that make photosynthis

  11. Leiah Hime Says:

    When I think about Spring, I close my eyes real tight and think about lovely Cherry Blossoms from my inner mind, deep within my soul and from the bottom of my heart! Cherry blossoms bloom during spring time here in New Zealand, and we have to catch them in full bloom before the flowers with myriads and varieties of pinks and pastel hues all begin to wither. For me, this occasion is very rare, the Sakura trees only bloom during these times and we have very few chances to see them, only 14 days! So Cherry Blossoms are very special during spring time, and they are very beautiful against the lush green background of grasses that are just starting to sprout for the sun. 🙂 Cherry blossoms, although very soft and fragile, make great wreaths and garlands ❤

  12. Cleo helios Says:

    Flowers and colors of rainbow ❤

  13. Nicky Says:

    I think a pink or purple fairy would be fun! Because there are already yoohoos with a flower around them. 🙂

  14. Emily Pace Says:

    i think of all the new baby animals like Sheep i like the Cherry blossoms and other flowers and my fav colour is blue also with pink

  15. pink,green,yellow.easter eggs, new born animals

  16. Rainbows,fairies,baby animals and flowers. 😀

  17. Dido Yoohoo Says:

    orange and green!!!!

  18. Sophi Carroll Says:

    Green and Yellow, Daffodils, Lemon and Lime, Herbs, Freshly mown grass 🙂

  19. Sami Says:

    Ahh Spring!! It makes me so happy =D I love all the colours and flowers. Spring weather is nice too. Everything seems to come to life again =D

  20. favorite things animals
    color black

  21. Kim Weber Says:

    Tulips for spring. 🙂 You can’t go wrong

  22. Fayza Nida Says:

    How about an easter egg blue stripe , yellow dots , pink , purple love including at Easter Day 2012 & Some Beatiful Tree with an egg hanging on it .
    a Blossom Flower with a Love on it , 2 Red rose & an animal that had already born .

  23. Nathan Sone Says:

    Chinese New Year is a traditional chinese festival that marks the end of winter and the beginning of Spring. To celebrate this festival, the locals will wear new clothes, decor the house with red decor eg chinese lanterns/banners.This coming lunar new year welcomes the year of the dragon. Thus a colorful dragon yoohoo wannabe of color theme:red/gold/orange will be great !

  24. Shannon Naugle Says:

    I think of cherry blossoms and first flowers, like crocuses and lilies. I also think of Easter with bunnies, eggs, lambs. I think of pastels like pink, green, blue, purple, yellow.

  25. heidi green Says:

    Baby lambs and chicks little bunnys the flowers coming out, the weather getting warmer and easter eggs!

  26. Tarz Says:

    Cherry blossoms! Green and blue 😀

  27. Bunnies!!!!!! and chicks. and the color Violet.

  28. JC Says:

    cherry blossoms! pink colour

  29. racusor Says:

    Lambs and tulips.

  30. Elisabeth Says:

    easter probably, i like the pastel colors pink and green, also the fact that it is warm again

  31. I like the New flowers and the vilots that grow
    my colours are sunset light green and light blue and the red sky at night

  32. Sasha Sparks Says:

    Rabbits Of Course ! And Pink Blue And GreeN

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