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Question of the Week #Contest: Jan 2 – 8! January 5, 2012

Here’s our next question of the week contest for the week of January 2 – 8! To enter for a chance to win the YooHoo animals pictured below, just answer (or fill in the blank) by commenting on this post or via Twitter (use @yoohoofriends in your tweet)!

"One for me, One for you" is a new style of YooHoo & Friends for 2012!

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is nearly a month away?? We’re excited for Valentine’s Day so we have a special prize this week — the Question of the Week winner will win this two-piece set of “One for me, one for you” YooHoo & Friends! We encourage you to keep one and give the other to one of your best friends! Without much further ado…here’s the next question of the week!

QOTW: Who is your best friend and do they like YooHoo & Friends too?

Good luck to all!



56 Responses to “Question of the Week #Contest: Jan 2 – 8!”

  1. Evangeline senter Says:

    My best friend is called Eric and he will be five like me soon,and I think he likes yoohoo’s too!

  2. Marci Says:

    My best friend is Stacey and honestly I don’t know if she likes YooHoo & Friends or not. And yes, she would be thrilled to receive the other half of the prize!

  3. Izzy Hewitt Says:

    My best friend is Emily Moles and we both LOVE yoohoos! 🙂

  4. My husband is my actually my best friend. He’s not really a Yoo Hoo kind of guy, but my younger sister definitely would be giving this to her best friend who lives on the other side of the country! Isn’t that kind of sad to not be able to hang all the time?

  5. Kim M Says:

    My best friend is my husband and he has probably never heard ok YooHoo & Friends.

  6. jeannine m Says:

    My best friend is my fiance but I would give this set to my teen who loves them and would give her one to her best friend

  7. Mark Says:

    My best friend is Almiras. We’ve been friends for 10 years this year at the end of January (just after her birthday). She ‘LOVES’ YooHoo and Friends 🙂

  8. alyssa Says:

    My best friend is kaitlyn love love loves yoohoos!

  9. Ladan Rouzbeh Says:

    My best friend is my Mom & she loves & adores them & has few of them 🙂

  10. Hayley evans Says:

    My best friends name is Chloe and yes she’s the first person I contact when I get a new yoohoo! We go on little missions to steal my older sisters panda yoohoo but she always gets it back :/ thanks xxx

  11. charlotte kirton Says:

    My best friend is my big sister Kit (though i don’t think she knows it ) She does have one christmas yoohoo that she got for a present, and she always helps me to name my yoohoo and friends so I think she likes them. I know if i gave her one of these she would keep it for a long time, she keeps everything i give her 🙂

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Congratulations Charlotte! you are our question of the week winner for Jan 2-8, 2012! please email yoohoowinners[at]gmail[dot]com to claim your prize! -YooHoo

  12. Tomi Močnik Says:

    my best friend is my girlfriend, because she is the only one in the whole world that understands me and except me who i am. and of course we love yoohoo’s, we named them in take care of them like if there were our kids and we are over 20 year old (probably a little stupid to) 🙂

  13. Talitha Lee Says:

    My best friend is named Tiffany, we’ve been friends since 1st grade which was a very long time ago for both of us. I’m pretty sure she’d get a hoot out of the little guys and I know her daughter would flip for them like mine does!

  14. My best friend is my husband, and I think he must like them because he buys them for me, lol! ❤

  15. Sophi Carroll Says:

    I have three best friends: Chloe, Sky and Lucy so I’m not sure who I’d give the other half to yet. They all find them cute 🙂

  16. Mine is Brianna and she doesnt know them but i showed her one and thinks its cute

  17. Aude rubies Says:

    I know my best friend for a long time. I love him as a brother and I know that we shall never be separated! As I he likes YooHoo, he has all the pandas of the collection because it is our nickname!

  18. Jacqie de Guzman Says:

    My bestriend is like my older brother..he knows that i’m crazy bout yoohoo..:) the first time we saw the largest Yoohoo at a mall, we were all like..”oh! it’s a huge one with a huge eye!” and from that day on, every time we passes by a store with yoohoo and friends, we check it out. And finally, just this january 4, on my 24th birthday, he finally got me one..and i’m planning to give him one too so he can put it in his car..:)

  19. Erin Greenawalt Says:

    My name is Erin and my best friend is Savannah. We used to play yoohoo’s together all the time! About 2 months ago I had to move away. Now we don’t get to play together so much anymore,, but when we do, we always play with our yoohoo’s! We both love them so much and she will always be my best yoohoo playing friend!!

  20. cleohelios Says:

    My best friend is Nérénia and she like too Yoohoo & Friends, especially Hedgie.

  21. Chris Ryan Says:

    Missy, and she thinks they are cute.

  22. Nicky Says:

    My best friend is Sandy and she loves Yoohoo and friends! Who wouldn’t? 😉

  23. my best friend is my boyfriend (and was also previously my best friend..haha) 🙂 i’m pretty sure he loves YooHoo toys! Sparkee was the first ever toy he bought for me (besides the Australian kangaroo as souvenir) ❤

  24. anne Says:

    My bestfriend is my husband, and he would love to own a yoohoo friend like this 🙂

  25. Nicole Annear Says:

    My best friend is Kendal and she helped me organize my daughter’s “Yoohoo Friends” themed, 2nd birthday party in Dec 2011. Both ourselves and our two year old daughters’ love these cute little creatures! My daughter, Willow, has a one that she has named “Googles” and she can’t go to bed without her! Too sweet!

  26. Fayza Nida Says:

    My Best Friend is Tsaniya , She Likes Yoohoo & Friends When I buy the first day . When I go outside , We brought Yoohoo for hanging out . Tsaniya and her small sister Shakila , They both like it .

  27. Heidi G Says:

    my best friend is phoenix she loves yoohoos to as they are so cute i would love to share the prize with her!

  28. Shannon Naugle Says:

    My best friend is Stefany. She doesn’t collect yoohoos…but I think I could convince her!

  29. Dido Yoohoo Says:

    My Best Friend is Natalia and yes she likes yoohoo friends too 🙂

  30. Rhiann Hearons Says:

    My Best friend is Alyshia Gouldsbrough who’s the complete oppisit of me soo she hasnt yet found out about yoohoo and friends, Better change that!!

  31. Satu Kuusiluoma Says:

    My best friend is my ex-colleague and nowadays also my daughter’s godmother Eeva and I am not sure whether she is familiar with YooHoos. But I would love to share one with her <3!

  32. Neela Says:

    My best friend is called Napsu, and we are actually collecting YoHoo’s together…:))

  33. Joni Says:

    My best friend is Jenni and she likes Yoohoo & friends. She has Pammee and Lemmee pets 🙂

  34. Elisabeth Says:

    my best friend is ann marie, i have known her since preschool and she does love yoohoos too! we both definitely think they are absolutely adorable.

  35. Jodie Says:

    My best friend is sarah And we both have 3 year old little girls that are best friend and love yooHoo’s x

  36. Teresa Says:

    Have lots and they all love YooHoos!

  37. my best friend is becky and she loves yoohoos she,s got 30 something 🙂

  38. My daughter who I post here for her best friend is Leah. They are always together at school, she loves yoohoos too. So I know Sasha would give the other half to her :O)

  39. Sami Says:

    I have a few best friends, but I know I would give the other half to my sister. She does like YooHoo and Friends and she has a little Tiger YooHoo which I bought her.

  40. beth pearce Says:

    My best friends are my little boy & little girl and they love YooHoo and also love playing together with them. These would be perfect for them to have one each.

  41. Megan Kelly Says:

    My best freind’s name is Ling, she’s so sweet and I love her a lot. She does have some yoohoos but I don’t think she’s as obsessed with them as I am 😉

  42. Rosa Courage Says:

    My best friend is named Rose and we both love Yoohoos. We have a collection of 53 Yoohoos together. We have Yoohoos from all around the world. Yoohoos made up our friendship. 2 years ago I met her at an ordinary Yoohoo shop and we both bought the green meerkat. The green meerkat is our favourite Yoohoo. I would be honoured to give her one of the Yoohoos. I would give her Yoohoo( the blue one) because she loves the ocean and the forest. Now we are the best friends ever and all this because of you. I love Yoohoos! Together is better!

  43. Radu Radoi Says:

    My best friend is named Cella and she loves Yoohoos. We had a lot of fun with our Yoohoos and I would totally give her one of the Yoohoos from the ones above.

  44. Valérie ^-^ Says:

    My boyfriend IS my best friend =) he thinks they’re cute

  45. Dany Says:

    My best friend is (are) all of my family – which is my sisters, my mum and my boyfriend … and we all LOVE YOU GUYS!!! 🙂

  46. celequickarts Says:

    My best friend is my boyfriend 🙂 and he is giving me yoohoos for many occasions

  47. Diana Says:

    My best friend is Lexi & she absolutely ADORES YooHoo and Friends! She even gave one for my birthday :’).
    We’re YooHoo buddies ❤

  48. Jessica Misa Tse Says:

    My best friend is my mum and she loves Yoohoo&friends because I love it

  49. Emily Pace Says:

    My best friend is Rez :3 she didnt know yoohoo existed until i gave her the pink Yoohoo i got she walked into my room and saw it and the look on her face when she saw it i just had to give it to her and she loved it and i get more for her because she cant get them at the moment because shes busy with other things but she adores the pink one its her fav colour.

  50. Jonathyn Says:

    My best friend thinks Yoohoos are adorable. I promised to get him one.

  51. Holly wort Says:

    My best friend is Phoebe Webb and she LOVES YooHoos too!

  52. I Love this qwestion because its my brithday on the 15th feb and this qwestion is making my so exsited
    My best friend is Adam and she LOVES yoohoo and friends he tells me how cute they are
    Adam is not my boyfriend we are just best friends and people say its odd because my best friend is a boy but I think its normal I have been best friend with him ever since I moved in to the same primary school and now have moved up in comp togher and we in the same class and we just were happy and I am GLAD we are BFF

  53. Lily Kwan Says:

    My best friend is Mike and he likes YooHoo & Friends also.

  54. my best friend is kerr and he loves yoohoos exspisccialy the pineapple one

  55. […] Question of the Week #WINNER: January 2 – 8 January 11, 2012 Filed under: Question of the Week,Valentine's Day,YooHoo & Friends Plush — yoohoofriends @ 2:36 pm Tags: contest, friends, Plush, valentine's day, winner, Yoohoo CONGRATS TO Charlotte Kirton! […]

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