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Question of the Week #Contest: Jan 30 – Feb 5 February 1, 2012

YooHoo & Friends -- One for me, One for you (connected by magnetic heart)!

Here’s our next question of the week contest for the week of January 30 – February 5!

To enter for a chance to win the YooHoo animals pictured above, just answer the question (or fill in the blank) by commenting on this post or via Twitter (use @yoohoofriends in your tweet)!

With Valentine’s Day a couple weeks away, we’re going to award prizes that are Valentine’s Day themed YooHoos. This week we are giving away our last One for You-One for Me YooHoo & Friends set! That means you have to give one to a friend 🙂

Without much further ado…here’s the next question of the week!

QOTW: What is your favorite thing to view/read on our official Facebook fan page (i.e.: photos of baby animals, trivia, news, contests, new product photos, fan art etc.)?

Good luck to all!



41 Responses to “Question of the Week #Contest: Jan 30 – Feb 5”

  1. jessie Says:

    soo cute but how do you enter

  2. jessie Says:

    how do you enter?

  3. Hope Hiney Says:

    UHHH DUH!! contest & question of the week!!!

  4. Sami Says:

    I like a bit of trivia. It’s nice to learn something new =)

  5. roxy Says:

    I love reading about new born animals and newly discovered species on here. Thanks.

  6. Teresa Says:

    We find all of it interesting!!

  7. jeannine s Says:

    new yahoo’s and pics

  8. Jon Carey Says:

    The pictures of baby animals and news.

  9. Chris Ryan Says:

    contests for sure.

  10. IDK contest I never win or never will it looks like I guess cute photos of animals and new and cute yoohoos

  11. Shon Lee Says:

    Challenging contests and interesting photos of yoohoo & friends character posted by fb fans! cheers!

  12. Nicky Shepherd Says:

    I would have to say contests, winning the stocking contest was such a wonderful experiance! I also enjoy seeing sneek peeks of new Yoohoo’s! 🙂

  13. Elisabeth Zernik Says:

    announcement of contests and all the cute photos you guys have

  14. Dido Yoohoo Says:

    1.New products photos
    2.Baby animals or elder
    3.Photos from fans!!!

  15. Joni Says:

    contest and photos

  16. Fayza Nida Says:

    I Like to view some contest on Twitter and Facebook , View some Yoohoo and friends photos , view some fan arts and reading a news .

  17. Megan Kelly Says:

    Definitely baby animals and new product photos. Seeing something cute really brightens up my day and I love discovering new yoohoos I can get!!! 😀

  18. Erin Duncan Says:

    The baby animals, for sure! That one really tiny iguana was amazing!

  19. Kim Weber Says:

    Baby animals ❤

  20. Emily Pace Says:

    i like the baby animals and new products :3

  21. Shannon Naugle Says:

    I like seeing the new products the best!

  22. Lesley Senter Says:

    All the fans fantastic photos and of course the chance to win a yoohoo for one of my children! 🙂

  23. Sophi Carroll Says:

    Contests!!!! 😀

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Sophi — congrats!! You were the randomly selected winner for Jan 30 – Feb 5! Email yoohoowinners at gmail dot com to claim your prize. Thanks! ❤

  24. Heidi G Says:

    i like looking at the photos from people and seeing the new yoohoos that are coming out, also the question of the week!

  25. Rosa Courage Says:

    The page is very useful.
    I use it for making my own collection of Yoohoos. I see a lot of photos and links that direct me to lovely Yoohoos. I write the description and the name of them and I will know this after a long time and finally collect them all! Another reason is that I read all the news and posts by the others daily. We get links to new Yoohoos and posts about animals and nature. I love that we tweet…twee…twee…twee…tweet! You tell us informations about the twitter contests only with one click. I love the facebook page. It helps me.

  26. Radu Radoi Says:

    I can enjoy time watching all the posts. I love all the polls!

  27. I love to view the pics their all so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Alicia Toro Says:


  29. Valérie ^-^ Says:

    Contests and pictures

  30. Lily Kwan Says:


  31. Travis Sanford Says:

    I LOVE To See New Yoohoo Photos On Your Facebook Page!
    Your Yoohoos Are AMAZING!

  32. Fayza Nida Says:

    I Like to view some news , videos from friends , view some photos of the winner and view some fan arts .

  33. Deborah Says:

    fans drawings and pictures 🙂

  34. […] Question of the Week #WINNER: Jan 30 – Feb 5 February 9, 2012 Filed under: Question of the Week,Valentine's Day,YooHoo & Friends Plush — yoohoofriends @ 1:46 pm Tags: contest, friends, Plush, valentine's day, winner, Yoohoo CONGRATS TO “Sophi Carroll“! […]

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