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New #Contest: Design A YooHoo & Friends WannaBe February 9, 2012

Jungle WannaBes

Have you ever looked at one of your YooHoo & Friends plush toys and thought that they would look good dressed up as something else? If so you are probably familiar with our WannaBes collection. However – now we are calling on the YooHoo & Friends fans to create your own WannaBes!

What have you always wanted to see your YooHoo & Friends dressed up as? A hot dog? A football player? How about as a dog or ballerina? We want to see you create them! Use household materials like fabrics, markers, pens, glitter and whatever else you can find to create your costume.  You can see the official rules over at our website but five winners will each win a collection of YooHoo & Friends equal to a retail value of $100! The contest runs from now until April 30, 2012.

Domestic and Barnyard WannaBes

To get some inspiration for your costume make sure to check out the pictures above which are from our new line of WannaBes! We can’t wait to see your submissions!



2 Responses to “New #Contest: Design A YooHoo & Friends WannaBe”

  1. Oops! You guys already do fruits! What about famous monsters then like Frankenstein or Dracula?

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