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Question of the Week #Contest: June 11-17, 2012 June 14, 2012

This month we’re focusing on the YooHoo & Friends Hard Rock editions (pictured above)… To enter into a random drawing for a chance to win a YooHoo & Friends animal from the Hard Rock line, answer the question below by commenting on this blog post or via Twitter (use @yoohoofriends in tweet). It takes just a minute or two to answer the question 🙂  Good luck!

QOTW June 11-17, 2012: What do you think about the current state of music? Do you like what you’re hearing and what are some of your favorite music artists or groups today?

As usual, thank you for your input! Question of the Week contest is open to entrants of all ages, worldwide territory. One entry per person, per week. Winner is announced on this blog and our official Facebook page.



26 Responses to “Question of the Week #Contest: June 11-17, 2012”

  1. Isabella Says:

    I like pop music, I like jls and one direction.

  2. Amanda Gerdlund Says:

    I’m not sure, a lot of music these days seems to have more and more inappropriate lyrics. I do love John Powell’s classical music in “How to Train Your Dragon”. =)

  3. Valérie ^-^ Says:

    I think that most songs that’s on the radio from popular singers/rappers have alot of vulgarity in the lyrics. Especially rappers… I don’t like rap at all. I prefer rock and metal music that talk about problems in our society. I do admit that some pop songs have rather catchy melodies, but the lyrics are just aweful. Taylor Swift has good songs though.

  4. Youtubers’ singing are the best!! 😀 eg. Christina Grimmie <3, Sam Tsui, and loads of talented people that aren't signed..
    non-Youtubers', many are still good but many today are more to music/beats/rhythm or catchy rather than fantastic voice..yet the 'singer' gets the fame..what about the people who made the good music?

    • Nancy Tran Says:

      1.) How awesome would a cover with Sam Tsui AND Boyce Avenue be?!
      2.) Max Martin is responsible for writing sooooo many hit singles. Look him up! I’ve seen a news article online about him, but I think he deserves way more publicity than that!

  5. SKG Says:

    Today the music is just okay. (most) People are going over board like Lady Gaga, but she has great songs ‘I’m on the right track baby I was born this way ‘. Katy Perry is also following on this track, but still great music ‘the one that got away, oh oh oh ooohh”. But yet, others like Adele are completely normal. Everyone has their own personalities, but some go overboard(even though their music is great). 🙂

  6. cleohelios Says:

    Yes, I like because there is lot of different kinds of music. I like rock, electro and pop.

  7. Shannon Naugle Says:

    I’m excited to see indie music getting its due! There are so many good indie bands out there and they pop up on a lot of commercials and tv shows.

  8. I like yoohoo and friends group 🙂 you rock cutties haha , actually I like them 😀 , Avicii many songs from avicii , bieber’s song (live my life) etc
    And yoohoo&friends good luck for the songs you make
    With love ,

  9. Barbara Says:

    Nowadays there are a lot of different genres of music that allows us to find, whatever is our state of mind, something in it.
    Energy… relaxation… distraction ….
    Yes I listen to music (every kind of music) , and I always listen.

  10. Becca R Says:

    I love underground bands and a lot of European music my favourite at the moment is Avantasia.

  11. Amber Smith Says:

    I like all the variety on the music scene today and I change my tastes depending on my mood. Sometimes I like rock, sometimes dance and sometimes I like easy listening or jazz.

  12. roxy Says:

    Todays music is overflowing with magical essence and cosmic creativity. Yes i like todays music and my fav artist is Justin Bieber.

  13. kaseejohnson Says:

    I think a lot of today’s artists sound alike and I have trouble telling them apart on the radio — especially today’s country music singers. I hear a lot of 80’s styles coming back in – i.e. saxophones and horns – and I’m liking that. But most of today’s lyrics are not exactly appropriate for my kids. 😦

  14. cstironkat Says:

    I like some of it and I dislke some of it. Rock is still my favorite but Adele is wonderful.

  15. Erin Duncan Says:

    Everyone over 13 will tend to complain about the state of current music. You’re always going to prefer the songs from YOUR childhood over new ones. So I think the current state is probably fine even though I don’t listen to any pop now. I like Eminem 🙂

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Erin! Congrats – you are the QOTW winner for June 11-17, 2012! We will email you from yoohoowinnners at gmail dot com with instructions to claim your prize. Thanks!

  16. Mitja Says:

    I think the music in the 80s and 90s was much more authentic and original.

  17. Alenka Says:

    I definitely prefer the rock of the last century than today’s electronic music

  18. Alenka Says:

    music of the last century was more authentic and had a soul and substance.

  19. Nancy Tran Says:

    I find so much of today’s mainstream music to be manufactured. Catchy? Yeah. Fun to dance to? Definitely? Authentic? Ohhh no noooo. It’s not even the vulgarity of the lyrics that bothers me, it’s just how shallow it’s portrayed to be.

    Artists like Adele, Gotye, Lana Del Rey, Foster the People, and fun. give me hope though. I don’t know, fun. in particular stands out to me because I’ve listened to The Format and then fun. for years, and it’s cool that they’re finally getting MAAAAAAAJOR publicity.

    As for my favorite music? Glitch hop and dubstep. I still have yet to hear anything bad or even just “meh” from The Glitch Mob. I love when an artist’s songs ALL are solid (this includes LDR and GaGa), not just the singles… I usually like songs, not specific artists.

  20. Dido Says:

    Katy Perry
    Jessie J
    Chris Daughtry
    3 Doors Down
    One Republic

  21. likwan Says:

    I think music in general is more boring now than in the past. My favorite music group is Erasure.

  22. alenka Says:

    I love music in general 😉 my favorite band is RHCP.

  23. […] @ 10:40 am Tags: contest, friends, hard rock, Music, Plush, winner, Yoohoo CONGRATS TO “Erin Duncan“, our randomly selected Question of the Week winner for June 11-17! Erin will receive one of […]

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