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Question of the Week #Contest: June 25-July 1, 2012 June 27, 2012

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As you know, YooHoo & Friends are based on rare and endangered animals from around the world! And YooHoo LOVES to travel. That’s why we’ve launched the Around the World photo contest — click here to view the details (runs through August 31, 2012). This is a fun one — we look forward to your photo entries! In the meantime, let’s get to the next question of the week contest.

To enter into a random drawing for a chance to win the YooHoo & Friends animal (pictured above), answer the question below by commenting on this blog post or via Twitter (use @yoohoofriends in tweet). It takes just a minute or two to answer the question 🙂  Good luck!

QOTW June 25-July 1, 2012: Do you like to travel? What are your top 3 favorite places you ever visited (or would like to visit) around the world?

As usual, thank you for your input! Question of the Week contest is open to entrants of all ages, worldwide territory. One entry per person, per week. Winner is announced on this blog and our official Facebook page.



33 Responses to “Question of the Week #Contest: June 25-July 1, 2012”

  1. I do like to travel, but don’t get to do it very often. Favourite places i HAVE visited are PEI and Nova Scotia. Where i would like to visit is: Vancouver 🙂

  2. Isabella Says:

    America, Paris and Portugal

  3. Sif Olafsdottir Says:

    Prague, Orlando (USA) and Copenhagen 😉

  4. CathyH Says:

    Love to travel..road trip! I loved England, got a rail pass and stopped in little towns, Bath and London. I enjoyed a trip to AZ and saw beautiful sunsets and pink mountains, And finally, one day I would like to travel the U.S. in a R.V. and see everything!

  5. Some travel is good, but not much. I love Disney World, visiting my daughter and her family in SC, and one day I’d love to go to Scotland.

    • Alenka Says:

      I would like to travel around the world, this year will a dream come true that I will visit French Polynesia 🙂 yoohoo 😉

  6. jeannine s Says:

    I loved Las Vegas and the bahamas. Wnat to go to Ireland someday

  7. Casey Says:

    My top three places I want to vist is Rome, Italy, and Paris.

  8. Japan, USA and France

  9. melody grard Says:

    I spent great times in Tokyo’s Yoyogi park
    i love sweden and i will never forget times in an island called Skansen
    and i have to admit Paris is great too. Old parisian streets around Notre Dame cathedral are so beautiful…

  10. Neela Says:

    I love England but would also love to travel to Ny and Miami!

  11. Joni Says:

    Slovenia, Crete and Rhodes in Greek, Åland and Finlands western coast.

  12. Nicky Says:

    I luv Florida!!!! I would luv to go to Hawaii or California!!! 🙂

  13. I love to travel. I try and take my grandchildren with me as much as possible to expose them to different cultures and states. My favorite places I\’ve been are England, South Carolina and my state of Florida as I believe experiencing different places in your own state is just as important as traveling out of your state.

  14. I think that traveling, although expensive, is the thing that makes you more rich. Rich in experience, rich in memories, rich in pictures, rich in emotion… Get in touch with different cultures and different places is always an experience that is priceless. I have seen many places, especially in Europe, but I would definitely go to Australia, Japan and Madagascar !

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Congrats Barbara — you are the randomly selected winner for QOTW Contest June 25-July 1. Look out for an email from yoohoowinners at gmail dot com. Congrats again! -YooHoo

  15. Sasha Sparks Says:

    I would love to visit USA , Canada , Australia , Japan And UK ! Good luck everyone 😀

  16. SKG Says:

    1) yes I love to travel and I have been many places!
    2) the top three places I love to visit are my grandparents in Georgia, Bermuda, and Tennessee.
    3) the top 3 places I want to visit are Lyon Europe, Brasilia Brazil, and Sydney Australia.

  17. Summer Says:

    I love to travel but don’t do it enough. I would love to visit Bora Bora, Fiji and Europe 🙂

  18. Shannon Naugle Says:

    I loved so many places, so I’m picking my top three places that I traveled with my husband: Belgium, Nova Scotia, and Costa Rica.

    Places we really want to visit: Iceland, Australia/New Zealand, and Japan.

  19. Debbie P Says:

    I love to travel! 3 of my favorites include Costa Rica, Belize and England! So much to experience at each place!

  20. Radu Radoi Says:

    I really Want To visit the top 3 Yoohoo & Friends Headquarters and Shops.

  21. Raksha Says:

    yes, i really like to travel but i never travelled out side my country. I don’t have any favourite places but i would like to visit a place far from town or cities, just me and nature.

  22. I do like to travel. Back in 07 I traveled with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus for 6 months. I loved visiting Memphis, TN, San Antiono, TX and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I would like to someday go outside the US on mission trips to Africa or South America.

  23. A.Smith Says:

    I love to travel and find the Mayan Riviera one of the most beautiful places to vacation. I would also love to travel to Paris or Rome one day.

  24. Nancy Tran Says:

    Austin, Texas
    Crete in Greece
    Paris or Biarritz (where my host sister lives!), France

    That’s the thing about the internet– I have friends all over the world and it’d be awesome if I could meet the ones in other countries!

  25. Leah Says:

    For my Daughter’s Alish and Caoimhe Russell
    Disneyland Paris.

  26. Leiah Hime Says:

    I love traveling all over New Zealand! To name my top THREE places… 1.) Queenstown 2.) Fjorland National Park 3.) Mt. Cook National Park
    New Zealand is a very beautiful country, very diverse in geographic elements and rich in culture. There are volcanoes and geothermal parks up in the North Island, and there are glaciers and ice all year-round down the South Island, so there’s bound to be something for everyone’s taste!
    Queenstown is like a small ski town in Switzerland, very picturesque and postcard-perfect. I love the place and I always find myself coming back, and wanting more. The people of New Zealand are also very nice and friendly, I love being greeted by friendly strangers down the street in the morning. Summers are particularly best spent at the beaches. And during winter, there are plenty of ski fields as well!!! I love NZ ❤

  27. Lenka Zapletalová Says:

    I do not need travel, I love my country (Czech Republic), but of course there are some countries that I want to visit. I like Japan because they have tasty food and I love manga comics, anime series and Lolita fashion. Further I like England, because I have some friends here. Also I like Slovakia because it is so similar to my homeland 🙂

  28. Lily Kwan Says:

    I would like to visit Europe, Australia, and Canada.

  29. mboggs1 Says:

    I would love to travel. The places I would want to visit would be Hawaii, Ireland, and Japan. I would love to see Hawaii and Ireland because the scenery is beautiful and much different than what I am used to. I would also love to visit Japan because I love anime and manga.

  30. Jenie Pua Says:

    I would like to visit Canada and Paris and I already visited Hongkong I would want to go there because there are many interesting sites there.

  31. […] @ 10:45 am Tags: contest, friends, mermaid, Plush, winner, Yoohoo CONGRATS TO “Barbara Marti“, our randomly selected Question of the Week winner for June 25-July 1, 2012! Erin will […]

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