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A YooHoo & Friends Story by Rosa Courage July 10, 2012

We’d like to take a moment to highlight a very special fan who went above and beyond the call of duty to create this YooHoo & Friends story complete with photos! When Rosa Courage submitted this to us for Earth Day earlier this year, it was a glorious day around YooHoo & Friends headquarters. We are very excited to now share her “opus” here along with photos for your reading pleasure. If you ever need some inspiration about animals and the environment, bookmark and share this post!

What did you think of Rosa’s story?

Thanks again Rosa!!!


An Earth Day Story

By Rosa Courage

Meerkat woke up and she felt glad that Earth day had come. Although it was a rainy day she still felt happy. Meerkat checked her mail box and she found a strange letter. But it wasn’t a letter, it was a magazine.

She went back home and she called her friends. “Wow something from Rosa Courage”. That is a very beautiful magazine. In the magazine were all the things about Earth Day and even an “Ask Yoohoo” section

After reading, Meerkat said “I won’t let nature down! I will help Earth!”. From now on Meerkat started to talk about her adventures helping Earth.

So the first thing I did was to make my own outfit (red shirt with “Save Nature” and some flowers and leaves in my hair). I decided to let Nature and the others know about Earth Day. I wrote Meerkat loves Earth Day with leaves, stones, paper (recycled) and flower petals.

After this, I saw some people with big knives. I was scared. They tried to cut the trees. So this will not happen! Not when I’m around! So look at this photo to see what I have done.

They gave up! Ha!Ha!Ha! No it’s the time to plant some flowers. Dear Flowers: I wish you the best.

It’s the time to look after animals in trouble; cute little dog. I gave him some food.

And now looking for birds. Shh!

No sign of any injuries on any birds I have seen. This is good.

I just love this tree .

My little trees.

Time to go in the park. I planted this tree myself.

Let’s ride.

Now I play in the grass. Oh no!

What did the magazine say about this? Yes! Found it!

I shall clean them up and recycle them. Checked!

Let’s feed the birds, too!

This was such a beautiful day!

I shall visit the professor. He is trying to discover bio-fuel and species of plants that can live everywhere.

As soon, I discovered this . “Oh professor! How many times did I tell you? Shut the lights down when not needed.” .

I felt so good telling you my Earth Day story. Thank you!


3 Responses to “A YooHoo & Friends Story by Rosa Courage”

  1. Travis Says:

    Cool! Great story!

  2. Rosa Courage Says:

    Thank You So Much!

  3. Nicola Says:


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