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YooHoo & Friends Around The World Contest Ends August 31, 2012 August 31, 2012

If you have spent any time on our Facebook fan page you have probably seen us post the newest contest entries for the “YooHoo & Friends Around The World Contest.” The contest is live now but concludes at the end of the day, today, August 31, 2012. To find out how to submit your photo and all the other official rules, make sure you visit the contest page.

We are too excited to see all your wonderful submissions but make sure you get them today! You can do it — you don’t need to travel or be on vacation — read the rules.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few recent submissions to the contest:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

-Team YooHoo


2 Responses to “YooHoo & Friends Around The World Contest Ends August 31, 2012”

  1. Joyce Gaslin Says:

    These photos are great, but some of us don’t have the funds for lavish trips abroad or we live in a modest neighborhood where it feels like not much happens. I hope you give consideration to everyone, no matter where they are.

  2. Jojjo T Says:

    Aww, missed the deadline by one day. Dx
    But anyways, good luck to everyone entering!~

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