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YooHoo & Friends Jamming at Hard Rock September 6, 2012

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Remember when we told you in June about Hard Rock’s line of YooHoo & Friends called the “Le Mur” band? They debuted over the summer in Hard Rock gift shops and online! The YooHoo & Friends Hard Rock band, knows as “Le Mur,” has some hit singles on their hands. “Ebril Le Mur” (Pammee) skyrocketed on the charts and sold out last month. Now, “Lennox Le Mur” (Lemmee) is available and could be the next to light up the charts so you have to collect them all while they’re hot! Isn’t Lennox adorable?!

We ❤ his mohawk hair and the guitar compliments his red hair nicely.

So do you want a backstage pass? Better hurry to the official Hard Rock cafe store to secure one. https://rockshop.hardrock.com/Womens/Departments/Accessories/Product/HRO%20Le%20Mur%20Red/?src=sli 🙂



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