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Around The World Contest Winners Announced September 8, 2012

We were simply stunned by the amazing entries in our YooHoo & Friends Around The World Contest. The fans really outdid themselves this time! With close to 100 amazing entries that you can view on Facebook, it was VERY hard to pic only five winners. Entries were judged on 1) creativity of photo 2) uniqueness of presentation and 3) clarity of image. These 5 winners exemplify this (in no particular order):

Voici mon Yohoo qui visite le Parc de Beauval en France. Il admire les pandas, nouveaux arrivant du parc. By Loïc Roussey

The photo was taken in the Tatra Mountains (Poland) near the largest lake in the Polish mountains called Morskie Oko. Mort, Nana and Czaki (my YooHoo&Friends) are looking forward to climbing the high peaks behind them. By Anna Zarnecka

Les quais de Bordeaux – France. Boat is “Cuauhtémoc” from de navy of Mexico. By Villain sébastien.

This is a picture of Sunny, Hapee and Chewoo, riding a cannon in Stockholm, at the Skansen open air museum. By Julie ARNAUD.

Location : “Foutain of The Girondins Monument”.
History of the monument : In 1942, the Commission in charge of reclaiming non-ferrous metals bought the foutain adorning the Girondins monument for FF30 per kilo.
On 14 August 1943, the whole monument was dismantled for transform them into weapons for war. Farewell Peace, Harmony and Happiness. However, in October 1944 the 34 sculptures were found intact in Angers, and made a triumphant return to Bordeaux on 5 July 1945. In 1982, the wondrous sea horses were restored to their pool.
All my Yoohoo & Friends are all assembled here to claim peace and happiness in our beautiful world. By Cosette Givernaud

Thank you again to everyone who submitted these fabulous photos we encourage you to visit the Facebook page and view all of the entries. Congratulations to our winners! Thanks again for submitting and see you around the world!


PS: Stay tuned for the next contest exclusively on Facebook. Starts September 15, 2012!


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