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Question of the Week Contest: March 2nd 2013 – March 11th, 2013 March 2, 2013


We love giving away YooHoo & Friends.  To enter into a random drawing for a chance to win a random YooHoo & Friend from above of Aurora’s choice, answer the question below by commenting on this blog post or via Twitter (use @yoohoofriends in tweet). It takes just a minute or two to answer the question 🙂  Good luck!! PS: The YooHoo prize will be chosen at random by Aurora from  one of these above. 

QOTW March 2nd 2013 – March 11th, 2013: If you had a tail like YooHoo what color would you want it to be?

As usual, thank you for your input! Question of the Week contest is open to entrants of all ages, worldwide territory. One entry per person, per week. Winner is announced on this blog and our official Facebook page. If prize becomes unavailable for any reason, we reserve the right to send another item of equal value.


34 Responses to “Question of the Week Contest: March 2nd 2013 – March 11th, 2013”

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Congrats Anitha! You are the QOTW winner for March 2nd 2013 – March 11th, 2013. Please check your email later today for details. Thanks!

  1. Emily Pace Says:

    seeing as i dress up as a catgirl and the tail is White my tail would be white :3

  2. JanineF Says:


  3. JanineF Says:

    Purple and pink stripes 🙂

  4. melody grard Says:

    Green and pink 😉

  5. Green and Purple 😀

  6. Christine B Says:

    Purple and black stipes!

  7. Megan K. Says:

    Aqua and pale pink

  8. Isabella Says:

    Purple and pink

  9. Sue Says:

    Black and white

  10. Leah Lao Says:

    I love the colors purple and pink, and a little bit of black stripes in between… that way the colors sorta look punky and stylish!

  11. Leo Hawkins Says:

    Golden and silver!

  12. Leah Lao Says:

    I like purple and pink with black stripes to make the colors look punky and stylish! 😀

  13. valerie m Says:

    black and purple!

  14. zebra stripes 😀 or polka dotted

  15. Alfonso Says:

    Red of course!!

  16. Sarawut Says:

    Light blue 😀

  17. Michelle Mårtensson Says:

    Baby blue and baby pink stripes

  18. Yvette Mårtensson Says:

    I would like a purple tail =O)

  19. Polka Dotted Turquoise !!!

  20. Joni Says:

    Blue and Gray like Yoohoo

  21. Leiah Hime Says:

    I like purple and pink, add a few black stripes to make the color combinations look punky and stylish! 😀

  22. Sean Case Says:

    Ocean green and blue would be cool! Thanks!

  23. Joyce Says:

    Rainbow colors.

  24. jayshree Says:

    pink and white….like cute pammee 🙂

  25. Alyssa Says:

    Orange and white like a fox. :3

  26. Naman Says:

    Colored like the Rainbow 😀

  27. Raksha Says:

    Purple, Violet & Lilac 🙂

  28. Chiara Says:

    I love this Green YooHoo!
    He´s Sweet!

  29. […] acknowledge our latest Question of the Week winner. CONGRATS TO “Anitha” , our randomly selected Question of the Week winner for March 2nd 2013 – March 11th, […]

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