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The Talking YooHoo App is Free to Download! March 15, 2013

iPhone Yoohoo

With all the amazing Apps available for smartphones it can be an overwhelming task choosing what to download. Plus many of the best Apps cost money. Luckily the Talking YooHoo App is completely free and completely cute! It is currently available for free in the App store which you can get to by clicking HERE.

The App Store description gives all the details: TALKING YOOHOO is not just a normal talking, he has so much more for you to discover! He repeats your voice, plays the xylophone in his own cute little way and if you dare to take on this little guy, he will challenge you to games of cards or puzzles. Also, meet his cool friends and see their adventures or send personalized messages to your own friends!

We had a lot of fun playing around with the App. Our pets loved it too! One doggie happened to start barking while we had it open and YooHoo started barking back at them! Download it for yourself and give it a try



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