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Question of the Week Contest: May 6th 2013 – May 13th, 2013 May 6, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day from YooHoo & Friends!

Happy Mother’s Day from YooHoo & Friends!

We love giving away YooHoo & Friends, especially in honor of Mother’s Day!  To enter into a random drawing for a chance to win a single YooHoo & Friends gift, answer the question below by commenting on this blog post or via Twitter (use @yoohoofriends in tweet). It takes just a minute or two to answer the question 🙂  Good luck!! PS: The YooHoo prize will be chosen at random by Aurora from  one of these below.  


QOTW May 6th 2013 – May 13th, 2013: In the spirit of Mother’s Day… Tell us what you think it means to be a mom? 

As usual, thank you for your input! Question of the Week contest is open to entrants of all ages, worldwide territory. One entry per person, per week. Winner is announced on this blog and our official Facebook page. If prize becomes unavailable for any reason, we reserve the right to send another item of equal value.


31 Responses to “Question of the Week Contest: May 6th 2013 – May 13th, 2013”

  1. Well I am not a mom.. yet. but I do know that all moms love their children and would go all-in for them no matter what happens 🙂 They provide us with so much love and security no matter how much they scold us..it’s always for our own good, for a brighter future.

  2. Viivi Says:

    I’m not a mum but I think that it means taking care of your children, love them whatever happens and support them while they grow up 🙂

    That’s what I think it means 😉

  3. I’m a mom of a beautiful 2-year-old little girl, and being a mom means putting your child’s life and happiness before your own, being responsible for the beautiful child you created, and always being there for your child and loving them unconditionally.

  4. madison Says:

    To be their for your child to give them unconditional love and support throughout their lifetime. And to let them know you are always there for them no matter what.

  5. Giavana Curcio Says:

    “Unconditional Love”! Everything I have and everything I am, is for my children. To see them succeed and be happy is the ultimate goal! There is nothing I would not sacrifice!

  6. Megan K. Says:

    I think it’s to guide your children in life and to love them so they can be happy in life 🙂

  7. Leah Lao Says:

    Being a mother means being a teacher, a guide, friend, confidante and a provider all at the same time.

  8. Leah Lao Says:

    Being a mother means being a teacher, guide, friend and confidante all at the same time.

  9. Sarawut Says:

    Greatest true love.

  10. Being a mom means being at the same time friend, guide, support, point of reference, example …. being a mother means love.

  11. Heather Says:

    Undying, unconditional love 🙂

  12. Tara V. Says:

    Love, warmth, happiness, joy and a lot of hugging and kissing 🙂

  13. Agneta Says:

    I think it means to share a lot of happiness, love and warmth with someone else, but also to guide another person in the way of life, both good and bad.

  14. Ginger Says:

    to love and be kind

  15. lovechewoo16 Says:

    My child will be my life, I will love him/her. I hope he/she will have a really good life! And I hope he/she will love me too 🙂 ❤

  16. “Being a mom is hard work!” – Tessa (age 7)

  17. Sean Case Says:

    Being a mother is hard work! Requires a lot of dedication!

  18. Celia Says:

    Being a mother is like being a 24/7 maid exsept this way you love work you are cherrished and you dont even have to get paid to be happy ❤ i love my mother

  19. Isabella Says:

    Being a friend for life

  20. Ann Says:


  21. Lauren C. Says:

    A mom is someone who is always there for you, someone who loves you and cares for and someone who is your best friend at any time any place. A mom is a magnificent person who can be extremely busy but still has time for you, someone who is your greatest fan and your biggest critic. A mom is a superwoman<3

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Congrats Lauren! You are the QOTW winner for May 6th 2013 – May 13th, 2013. Please check your email later today for details. Thanks!

      • Lauren C. Says:

        I never got an email from you guys. If you could resend the email or contact me that would be great. Thank you for your time.

      • Isabella Says:

        How can there be a winner already it’s only 7th may?? Not 13th yet. Was this for 2013 as it says 2013? Strange.

  22. brandi Says:

    To be a mom means: is to love your kids no matter how your day goes. being there for them when things get tough during life for them.comforting them when they are sick or just need a hug.Letting them know that they can be anyone no matter how big the job is. no matter what trouble they get into or what mess they make in the house, they are first to turn to you for help and the last one you tuck in a night to say “i love you mom”.that is what a mom is

  23. likwan Says:

    I think it means to be loving and caring.

  24. […] acknowledge our latest Question of the Week winner. CONGRATS TO “Lauren” , our randomly selected Question of the Week winner for May 6th 2013 – May 13th, 2013! […]

  25. JanineF Says:

    It means the world to me, there is no better feeling in this world ☺️

  26. Isabella Says:

    I think it would be wonderful to be a mum, lots of fun and love.

  27. Jennie Says:

    Moms are their child’s first teacher, supporter, bestfriend, care-giver, defender, and warmth! Moms are much more than her title. She rocks!!!!

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