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Question of the Week Contest: July 20th 2013 – July 29th, 2013 July 20, 2013



We love giving away YooHoo & Friends, especially new ones!  To enter into a random drawing for a chance to win a single YooHoo & Friends gift, answer the question below by commenting on this blog post or via Twitter (use @yoohoofriends in tweet). The photo pictured above is Charlee! It takes just a minute or two to answer the question 🙂  Good luck!! PS: The YooHoo prize will be chosen at random by Aurora from the line pictured above. 

QOTW July 20th 2013 – July 29th:  We want to hear about your Summer…What have you done so far?

As usual, thank you for your input! Question of the Week contest is open to entrants of all ages, worldwide territory. One entry per person, per week. Winner is announced on this blog and our official Facebook page. If prize becomes unavailable for any reason, we reserve the right to send another item of equal value.


24 Responses to “Question of the Week Contest: July 20th 2013 – July 29th, 2013”

  1. Alyssa Says:

    Went swimming and played with friends!

  2. raven wilson Says:

    i have went to a 5 week school.i love it.we might go to the gulf coast.thhat my summer

  3. Corliss Chuah Says:

    It’s summer throughout the year here :p weekdays I’d be working, stuck in jams, spend time with parents and the bf at night..while weekdays be shopping, heading for movies, catching up with friends, more sleep, and karaoke sometimes

  4. likwan Says:

    I had a barbecue.

  5. JanineF Says:

    We have been on a miniature steam train, splash boat ride built in 1932, an open top double decker, climbed up a windmill, had six donkey rides, paddled in the sea and rock pools looking for sea life, petted guinea pigs at children’s farm, played with friends at the park, walked by the canal, walked on the moor picking buttercups, been bowling and to cinema and today we are going to have a BBQ with family we only get to see once a year 🙂

  6. Ann Says:

    I’ve been to the cinema.

  7. Isabella Says:

    Today I’m going to Warwick castle in England.

  8. lovechewoo16 Says:

    Swimming a lot and played with friends, but i can’t do a lot because i have mononucleosis and have to sleep very much…

  9. Viivi Says:

    I went swimming alot, and I went to see my aunt in Germany (I got a few YooHoos on the way). And I have gone in a few amusement parks 🙂

  10. Joni Says:

    I was one week in Rhodos, Greek and I drove around domestic land (Finland) with car. Now I have been back in work but in the begin of August i will be a few days in spa in Estonia.

  11. Robin Says:

    I play with my friend skylanders.I visit my grandpa in the hospital.I celebrate with my cousin his first birthday.I help my mum every day, she have a disc prolapse.I must go to shopping,I wash the laundry, I go with my dog….

  12. So far this summer we have been spending a lot of time at the park! They have a great playground there that my little girl just loves! 🙂

    ~Veronica Vasquez~

  13. Stay with Family & Friends !

  14. Valerie M Says:

    So far, I’ve been camping and sunbathing and swimming in my pool alot ^-^

  15. Daisy Green Says:

    I went to cornwall, and I went to the eden project. But I didnt find no yoohoos 😦

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Congrats Daisy! You are the QOTW winner for July 20th 2013 – July 29th, 2013. Please check your email later today for details. Thanks!

  16. Leo Hawkins Says:

    I have been playing outside, going to my friends’ houses and practicing crossing the street by myself.

  17. Sarawut Says:

    I went to Hua Hin with my friends.

  18. Agneta Says:

    I have been with my family on a boat trip and to a concert and a fair.

  19. Angelica Says:

    I have been playing with friends. Gone to an outside pool to swim and play with my brother.

  20. Tim Says:

    I have been with my friends, but also on a boat trip with my family!

  21. brandi stright Says:

    Been working, but on relaxing days. I enjoy watching tv, drawing, making food and going outside for fun.

  22. Cam Tran Says:

    This summer i went on a tour of the East Coast (for the first time in my life) with my family. We went through 5 states and a district in only 8 days! Some landmarks that we visited were the Empire State Building in New York, the White House in D.C., the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania, and Harvard University in Boston. It was a the best experience ever but in the end i missed my home in Portland where everything is peaceful, uncrowded, and where there’s no sales tax.

  23. […] acknowledge our latest Question of the Week winner. CONGRATS TO “Daisy” , our randomly selected Question of the Week winner for July 20th 2013 – July 29th, […]

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