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Question of the Week Contest: March 3rd – 10th 2014 March 2, 2014

Easter is coming...

Easter is coming…

We love giving away YooHoo & Friends!  To enter into a random drawing for a chance to win a single YooHoo & Friends gift, answer the question below by commenting on this blog post or via Twitter (use @yoohoofriends in tweet).  It takes just a minute or two to answer the question 🙂  Good luck!! PS: The YooHoo prize will be chosen at random by Aurora from our products. 

QOTW March 3rd – 10th 2014 :  Which color YooHoo Easter Egg would you like to find and why?

As usual, thank you for your input! Question of the Week contest is open to entrants of all ages, worldwide territory. One entry per person, per week. Winner is announced on this blog and our official Facebook page. If prize becomes unavailable for any reason, we reserve the right to send another item of equal value.


42 Responses to “Question of the Week Contest: March 3rd – 10th 2014”

  1. Agneta Says:

    The green one, it’s soo cute and perfect for Easter.

  2. vika256 Says:

    The blue one because I love blue yoohoo us and it’s perfect for the Easter hunting

  3. Sylvia Says:

    The green one, the colour of the nature. I love the green hills and flowers!!

  4. Amber S Says:

    Oh how cute are those?? My daughter used to play with a hard boiled egg named “Eggy”. Lots of tears were shed every time he cracked and we had to make a new one, lol.

    I like the pink Yoohoo Eggy the best 🙂

  5. valerie Says:

    Violet because its my favorite color

  6. Corliss Chuah Says:

    The purple one 😛 the colour of mystery, it’ll some day appear in my room and will keep me wondering how did it get in there..

  7. Vanessa Says:

    I would looove a pink and white one because they remind me of bunnies and they are sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nicole Says:

    Oh they are so cute ❤️ I would like to find the Green one. Because it is the color of the nature, spring, hope and new begin. Easter is a new begin and it is during spring time.

  9. Isabella Says:

    Pink my favourite colour, I love them all though.

  10. Ann Says:

    I like purple it’s a lovely colour.

  11. Britney Says:

    The pink one cause it reminds me of my favorite flower, cherry blossoms! 💕🎀💖

  12. Melody Says:

    It would have to be pink because pink makes me happy! It has been my favorite color since I was little. The color is just so bright and beautiful; and girly 😉 even my room is pink! It would totally add more pink to my room!

  13. Hayley Says:

    PINK PINK PINK because its my favourite colour and its adorable! ❤

  14. Sarawut Says:

    Blue because it is my favorite color

  15. Marci Says:

    Green for my daughter as it’s her favorite color!

  16. Maggie Says:

    I love the blue one!!!!

  17. Marko Says:

    the blue one, it’s cutiest 🙂

  18. Charlotte Olsson Says:

    The green one because I like the colour green.

  19. Renate van Leeuwen Says:

    The pink one, that’s my daughter’s favorite color and it would be a big surprise

  20. Serena Says:

    The green or blue ones as my son would love them and are the colours of his bedroom.

  21. Lottie Bryan Says:

    I would like the green one because my fav colour is green

  22. Diana Muñoz Says:

    I would love to find the purple one because purple is my favorite color and I think it looks amazing! But then there’s the green which looks so full of live! So… It’s a close match between these two, one because it is my favorite color and it looks sweet, and the green one that looks vibrant 🙂

  23. Chanel Says:

    I would absolutely love a purple one. Purple is my absolute favorite color and she will fit into my yoohoo family perfectly!!!

  24. Joni Says:

    The Green one because it’s the colour of spring.

  25. lovechewoo16 Says:

    Pink, it is my favorate color, it’s a cute color, I love it ^^

  26. lynn Says:

    Love them all!! Purple is my favourite colour and we haven’t got one so far ♡

  27. Anna Says:

    The green one, because every year we paint eggs at easter, and we paint most of the eggs green. 🙂

  28. Erza Says:

    Pink or Purple becos they are girly colors and …. I am a girl 🙂 !!

  29. JanineF Says:

    Green, he looks so fresh and spring like 🙂

  30. Helga B. Says:

    The blue one, because I love that colour 😀

  31. Christine B Says:

    Purple. Because it’s my favorite color!

  32. Megan k Says:

    Suppose I’d pick blue….but I dunno I know I’m far too old for these but I just love them >u<

  33. Cloe Simmons Says:

    I would like green because it’s the best color (my opinion) and it’s the color of nature

  34. Raksha Says:

    Love the Blue one but all are great to choose

  35. Michelle Ryall Says:

    They’re all so cute but my daughter is in love with the pink Easter Yoohoo 🙂 ❤

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Congrats Michelle! You are the QOTW winner for March 3rd – 10th 2014. Please check your email later today for details. Thanks!

  36. Orsolya-Jácinta Says:

    I would choose the pink because it’s the most beautiful colour, it spreads joy and happiness.

  37. Radu Radoi Says:

    Green because I can hide it in the grass.

  38. ncjeepster Says:

    Just love the purple one, ready to play.

  39. Lily Kwan Says:

    purple because it’s a nice color

  40. Yolanda Z Says:

    Purple, because my daughter’s name is Violet.

  41. […] acknowledge our latest Question of the Week winner. CONGRATS TO “Michelle” , our randomly selected Question of the Week winner for  March 3rd – 10th 2014! […]

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