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Official YooHoo & Friends Online Store Offers Free Shipping July 6, 2012

Summer is officially here! You can smell barbeque, the sun is shining and the ocean water is glistening. To celebrate this glorious season, Aurora (the company that makes YooHoos) is offering free shipping on orders over $50! The reason? Summer is a lot more fun when you can hang out with YooHoo and all his adorable friends. To visit the online store and get your free shipping, click here or visit http://shop.auroragift.com. Aurora has much more news about YooHoo & Friends! Read about the new updates, contests, apps and more below:

To take advantage of free shipping, don’t forget to order before August 31!



Photo Of The Week! Graduation Time… May 21, 2012

Did you have a lot of friends graduate this month? From Facebook to Twitter we saw lots of celebratory posts about students graduating from junior high, high school, and college. One of the most successful grads was Loonee the Snowy owl. As you can see he finished all his finals and projects just in the nick of time to graduate. He was so tired from all his hard work he lied down on his science binder! Congrats to Loonee and all the other graduates of 2012!



New YooHoo & Friends Coloring Sheets For Spring/Easter April 6, 2012

Do you play with coloring sheets? It is an extremely fun activity to do by yourself, or with friends and children. Teaching kids how to color between the lines is a great introduction to art. We like to think of ourselves as experts at coloring sheets — we have colored everything from animals, to food, and even characters from famous movies. However, something has always been missing. We wanted to be able to color our favorite characters from YooHoo & Friends! Thanks to the YooHoo & Friends website, now you can.

If you go to the “Fun Zone” section of the website and then click “YooHoo Coloring” it will take you to 17 free coloring sheets for you to download and print out. You will have to sign up for a YooHoo & Friends username and password but it will only take you a minute to fill out. After that you will be on your way to a great day of coloring. We can’t get enough of the YooHoo & Friends flying in an airplane, driving a car, or even sitting in a leaf. Even better new Easter Themed coloring sheets are now available which will be perfect for this month!

YooHoo & Friends fan and expert colorist Nicky Shepard sent in this great piece of work of Pammee:

Good luck coloring everyone!



Meet YooHoo & Friends in Los Angeles This Weekend April 21, 2010

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It might be raining in beautiful Southern California but the weather gods will clear things up as we head into the weekend — and perfect timing too. Because Sunday, April 25 from 10am to 12pm, YooHoo & Friends will be appearing at the Los Angeles Zoo! “YooHoo Day” is the first of many more to come around the country throughout the whole summer too!

Visitors in attendance will be able to meet the characters from Aurora’s top selling plush line and learn more about the animals and their environments. We’ll be giving away YooHoo & Friends promo items and you can take pictures with YooHoo!

We look forward to seeing you out there!




Valentine’s Day! January 26, 2010

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If you’re like me, you love to say
“I love you” in a special way,
so take a trip and make your way
to find some valentine’s gifts today!

Find it all right here:


Another Giveaway! January 9, 2010

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So you entered the contest we put up last round,
but inside of your mail, still no prizes are found.
well fear not, dear reader, we’ve good news for you
a YooHoo Friends giveaway (we’ll call it round two)!
If you look at the pictures posted right here,
you’ll see a young girl who’s brimming with cheer!
and if one chance to win just isn’t enough,
you can subscribe to earn more chances for stuff.


Free YooHoo Giveaway! January 5, 2010

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We hope that your new year begins with a win,
so here’s your first chance, so go take a spin!
you’ll find pictures and video clips to enjoy,
and plenty of chances of to get some free toys!
they gave extra credit for reading our blog,
Go give them a look and see how much they rock! 
if that weren’t enough, here’s a new thing to top,
three brand new wallpapers to put on your desktop! 


A New Fan Page on Facebook! December 22, 2009

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Join our new fan page on Facebook for special saving & fun events throughout the year!


Give the gift that gives back to our national parks December 16, 2009

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Sometimes we forget in the bustle of winter,
that it’s good to give more to our trees than just tinsel.
If you’d like to support our national parks,
the link just below is where you should start!



Coloring Contest Winners To Be Announced Soon!

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Hey everyone, I hope you’re excited
the coloring contest will soon be decided!
You’ve waited and waited for months to go by
the time for announcements has finally arrived!
So cross all your fingers, and cross all your toes,
we hope that you win, but really, who knows?
Those wonderful prizes may soon be all yours,
no more fighting the crowds at the holiday stores,
so sit back and relax, that’s what counts in the end,
and soon you may have your own YooHoo & Friends!


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