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Official YooHoo & Friends Online Store Offers Free Shipping July 6, 2012

Summer is officially here! You can smell barbeque, the sun is shining and the ocean water is glistening. To celebrate this glorious season, Aurora (the company that makes YooHoos) is offering free shipping on orders over $50! The reason? Summer is a lot more fun when you can hang out with YooHoo and all his adorable friends. To visit the online store and get your free shipping, click here or visit http://shop.auroragift.com. Aurora has much more news about YooHoo & Friends! Read about the new updates, contests, apps and more below:

To take advantage of free shipping, don’t forget to order before August 31!



Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Under $10 February 8, 2011

Allow us to introduce you to the YooHoo & Friends “Smooch” assortment, which is available all year round. But there’s still time to order and have it shipped for that special someone just in time for Valentine’s Day. Just visit http://shop.auroragift.com or click here to go straight to the order page for these adorable YooHoo & Friends animals.

Available as a pink or purple YooHoo (also Lemur and Fennec – see below for photos), each is only 5 inches in size — the perfect compliment to a box of chocolates or flowers. The heart glows and YooHoo makes a funny “smooch” sound when squeezed.

The company behind YooHoo & Friends, Aurora, has a few other items remaining from its Valentine’s Day inventory including the Pearls Before Swine assortment, based on the hit comic strip series by Stephan Pastis.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!




Aurora Launches New Website September 24, 2010

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Happy Friday everyone! By now, you are all familiar with Aurora, the company that created YooHoo & Friends. The company launched its newly redesigned website at http://www.auroragift.com. Did you know: Aurora, which will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2011, produces thousands of stuffed toys and animals…not just YooHoo & Friends?

From Milly – The Pinkest Kitten and Cheeky Charlie & Carmen (check out those lovable monkeys!) to the original Fancy Pals Pet Carriers and entire product catalogs of seasonal plush for Valentines, Easter, Halloween and the Holidays, there’s a product for just about everyone!

Aurora’s new site includes e-catalogs, news sections, videos, fan club information, shop now section, and a “YooHoo & You” area promoting our online communities at Facebook and Twitter for example:

As always you can buy Aurora products online at http://shop.auroragift.com.

So, take a look and we hope you like! Feel free to share feedback with us here or by emailing info at auroragift dot com.




“Retro” YooHoo & Friends July 28, 2010

As we enter the second half of 2010, we are so excited to announce the release of the newest YooHoo & Friends from Aurora!!!

The international toy phenomenon YooHoo & Friends™ aims to please kids and collectors with the release of uber-hip YooHoo & Friends dressed in 60s, 70s and 80s “retro” styles. The collection is fashioned after some of the most famous pop culture icons of those decades (think Elvis, Madonna, Travolta from Saturday Night Fever etc.). The medium sized, five inch “retro” YooHoo & Friends are available in seven styles including 70s Love, Punk Rocker, Pop Singer, Vegas, Flash Dancer, British Rocker and Disco Dancer. The larger, eight inch versions include Punk Rocker, 70s Love, Flash Dancer and Pop Singer. Both sizes make sounds when squeezed (MSRP: medium-$8.99, large-$14.99).

In addition to “punk rocker” above, here are photos of the other six new styles:

Soooo, which one is your favorite?

YooHoo & Friends are available on Aurora’s e-commerce site here: http://shop.auroragift.com. Look out for the new ones to be added soon!




Halloween, Holiday YooHoo & Friends July 8, 2010

Aurora, the manufacturer behind the international toy phenomenon YooHoo & Friends, expanded the stuffed animal line to include even more Halloween and Holiday/Winter themed versions.

Time flies — we’re already halfway through the year and before you know it, you’ll see Halloween themes all over the stores. Wouldn’t these “WannaBes” be perfect for the kids at Halloween?

Then with the holidays fast approaching, you’ll want to be prepared for the season. Get in the mood with YooHoo & Friends Carolers (pictured at top). Also, check out these adorable new offerings:

YooHoo & Friends "Greetings" (greeting card and plush animal in one)

YooHoo & Friends Santa & Elf

How cute and cuddly are these Wintertime YooHoo & Friends????

Wintertime YooHoo & Friends

Check back often (or just click subscribe) because in the very near future, we’ll be announcing…an all new series of RETRO YooHoo & Friends!




YooHoo & Friends Accessories, Stationery, Snaps June 21, 2010


Aurora (www.auroragift.com) has expanded its best selling YooHoo & Friends™ line! The new releases are geared towards tweens and collectors — not only are there six new “groovy” styles of YooHoo & Friends plush animals, but look out for stationery and fashion/decorative accessories too!

(a list of Fun Center retailers is available here)

Fans who want to make a personal statement and create their own individual looks should check out the “snap” products — the “snaps” are roughly one inch in diameter, can be mixed and matched, and fasten to the YooHoo & Friends Fun Center items (except spiral notebook and doodle pad).

Over 50 new YH&F stickers!

Here is the new YooHoo & Friends Fun Center product lineup:

  • Paper Magnet Frame: six magnets, fits 2” x 2.5” photo; MSRP: $1.99
  • Doodle Pad: 25 pages, designs for coloring, three crayons; MSRP: $1.99
  • Spiral Notebook: 50 sheets, snap decoration, elastic band; MSRP: $3.50
  • Sticker Rolls: three rolls, 51 stickers total; MSRP: $3.99
  • Coin Purse Clip-on: comes with snap decoration; MSRP: $4.50
  • Lanyard: 19 inches, includes snap decoration; MSRP: $3.50
  • Collapsible Tote: 12×12” tote includes snap decoration; MSRP: $5.99
  • Accessory Case: zipper closure, snap decoration; MSRP: $4.50
  • Laser Cut Bracelet: Adjustable, includes snap decoration; MSRP: $4.50
  • Snap Sets: six different snaps on blister card; MSRP: $2.99

Read more about the Fun Center items on the YooHoo & Friends Facebook page here: http://bit.ly/bgnJJL

Look out for the Fun Center racks at YooHoo & Friends retailers




New YooHoo & Friends Hit Shelves June 7, 2010

YooHoo & Friends "Aspirations"

What do you aspire to be? We wanted to show you the newest YooHoo & Friends™ plush animals — “Aspirations” — available now at http://shop.auroragift.com and retailers around the world. These new YooHoo & Friends are available in two sizes (five and eight inches, MSRP: $8.99 and $15.99 respectively). Each animal makes a funny sound when squeezed!

Pammee™ the Fennec Fox is dressed as either a cheerleader or as a girl who’s ready to head to the party (she’s wearing a party hat and holds a cupcake). The other two YooHoo & Friends are pink and blue and dressed as a ballerina and soccer star respectively (the soccer star sports a jersey with #3 and holds a soccer ball).

How CUTE are these new styles??

Also, don’t forget to visit the free, interactive website for YooHoo & Friends at http://yoohoofriends.com, where you can learn about the animals and habitats, play games, download wallpapers, send e-cards and much more!




YooHoo & Friends Celebrate Graduation May 11, 2010

Ahhhh….it’s May and that means the beginning of graduation season! We have some great YooHoo & Friends themed gift ideas to help congratulate the achievements of your friends, family and colleagues.

Jill from Frugal Plus talks about the graduation themed YooHoo & Friends in her recent post (also includes a giveaway so visit there for your chance to win!). There are three colors available (pink, yellow and blue) and each of the five inch animals holds a diploma, is wearing a graduation cap, and makes a sound when squeezed. They are also available in Aurora’s online marketplace here.

All yoohoofriends.com members (it’s free!) have access to the fun zone where you can download wallpapers, coloring sheets and also send e-cards — of course there are graduation themed ones too 🙂 Visit this link to send one to your loved ones!

Here’s to a prosperous future to all!

Happy Graduation!




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