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Photo Of The Week! Ruby gets dressed for Janmashtami… August 13, 2012

We knew that Ruby was a mischievous red fox who lives in a small forest. What we did not know was that Ruby also likes to celebrate the Krishna Janmashtami holiday and dress up for it. This photo was sent in by Facebook fan Raksha Bisht. We love the colors and think Ruby looks quite beautiful!



YooHoo & Friends All Dressed Up December 15, 2010

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Isn’t he cute? This YooHoo is sporting an officer outfit — one of nine new “Dress Up” outfits for YooHoo & Friends coming out in 2011. Each set is sold on its own and fits all the five inch YooHoo & Friends animals.

From flower girl to firefighter, each dress up set comes in clear packaging that includes two accessories. Our retail friends can combine the dress up packaging (perfect for slatwalls) with existing YooHoo & Friends displays.

Collectors will appreciate three different themes including: “Blast to the Past” with three YooHoo & Friends “hippies”; the “Go Green” set includes two flower girls and a princess butterfly; and the third set includes doctor, firefighter and police officer. Each “Dress Up” set retails for approximately $5 while each five inch YooHoo & Friends animal (w/ sound) retails for $6.

We’re excited to get these out into the marketplace — if you have dress up outfit suggestions for Aurora, the company that makes YooHoo & Friends, visit the facebook.com/yoohoofanpage and share your thoughts there!




YooHoo & Friends Halloween Contest October 15, 2010

YooHoo is looking for the perfect costume to wear this Halloween. Do you have a costume idea for YooHoo? Well here’s your opportunity to show us what you’ve got. It’s easy…grab your YooHoo, give them a costume for Halloween, take a photo, and post it on our Facebook page here. And that’s it!! You’re entered…we will collect all the photos and determine the winners during the first week of November.

Winning costumes will be based on 1) creativity2) quality and 3) neatness of the Halloween outfit application. Any item from the YooHoo & Friends collection may be used. You must “like” the Facebook page to qualify for the contes. Here are the prizes!

1:  one 24″ YooHoo & Friends plush (MSRP $150).

2: 10 piece selection of 5″ YooHoo&Friends plush (MSRP $100).

3: 5 piece selection of 5″ YooHoo&Friends plush (MSRP $50).

4: 4 piece selection of  5″ YooHoo & Friends plush (MSRP $40).

5: 3 piece selection of 5″ YooHoo & Friends plush (MSRP $30).

6. – 10.: each win a 5 piece selection of 3 ” YooHoo & Friends plush key chains. MSRP $25

Good Luck!




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