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Question…of the Week! February 24, 2011

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Our popular weekly Facebook contest is now hosted on our blog!

Same rules…same process…just doing it here now. So comment on this blog post with the answer to your question and you are entered to win a YooHoo & Friends plush animal! As usual, we will post reminders and announce winners on Facebook. GOOD LUCK!

Q: What do you think about our newest YooHoo & Friends animal, Hedgie?




Meet Hedgie! February 21, 2011

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Ok………we can’t resist. Have to share….meet our new friend, Hedgie, from the YooHoo & Friends line. He’s so cute! ADORABLE! Our friendly Facebook community agrees:

  • i waaannnttt!
  • Where can i get it!
  • where can we get them
  • Love It !!!
  • so fluffy^^
  • OMG! Where can I buy them?!
  • so cute i ♥ them
  • It comes in precisely my favorite shades of… scratch that, they’re ALL my exact favorite colors! How did you manage that one!?

Hedgie is available in five and eight inch sizes (each makes a sound when squeezed). Thank you Aurora World!




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