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Photo of the Week! A pirate… January 18, 2015

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Do you love pirates? We love them too! We also love fan photos. Recently, Erin B. Callahan Taylor went to the movies with her son and brought along a special friend! They tried to watch the movie but kept hearing “ARRRR!!!” coming from the seat over.



Photo of the Week! YooHoo & Friends At The Movies… February 27, 2012

Barbary Lion is a movie buff!

Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? Are you an avid movie watcher? According to this picture it seems like Barbary Lion is a movie buff as well! He is pictured here along with a few favorite flicks. Movies can be a very fun activity to do with friends and family. Whether you stay in and watch a DVD or go out to the cinema it is always a blast. Happy movie watching everyone!



Collect all YooHoo & Friends! July 17, 2009

I love YooHoo & Friends!


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