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Photo of the Week…. Summer Snorkeling! July 29, 2013

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Have you ever gone under the sea and been snorkeling? It is a magical journey of beautiful sea creatures and the amazing sea life. YooHoo & Friends enjoy snorkeling as well. Juliane Oertel posted this wonderful photo on our Facebook page. Can you imagine if you saw this cutie swimming past you?!



Photo Of The Week! Happy Labor Day… September 3, 2012

With Labor Day being today we thought we would highlight this great pic that Mike Wode snapped and put on our Facebook page. It shows one of my cutest friends engaged in her labor of love which is being a snorkeling instructor to her customers. Since it is labor day she will have the day off as it is a holiday dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.  We hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day!



Photo Of The Week! Riding on an Elephant… May 28, 2012

An elephant made out of towels that is! Facebook fan Kim Bramsen posted this absolutely adorable picture of  YooHoo in his snorkeling gear riding an elephant made out of towels! The descriptions says that it was taken at the Concorde El Salam Sharm El Sheikh Hotel which is in Egypt. Perhaps he used the towel elephant to dry off after a day swimming around?


Concorde El Salam Sharm El Sheikh Hotel.

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Concorde El Salam Sharm El Sheikh Hotel
Tourist Attraction

Sharm el-Sheikh


Photo Of The Week! Time to Snorkel… April 2, 2012

We knew penguins loved the icy waters of Antarctica but apparently they love the tropics just as much! Facebook fan Tiptap Taptim was kind enough to post this on our Facebook Wall earlier this month. Snorkeling is an incredible way to go under the sea and swim amongst the sea life! From turtles to dolphins to fish of all sizes it can be great fun. This particular photo was snapped in Krabi, Thailand which is on the western coast of  Thailand south. Happy snorkeling everyone!



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